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Friday 13th ‘Spooky’ Tattoo News

The world of tattoo news

Sentimental Son Tributes Father With A Back Tattoo Check out this Hull City backpiece dedicated to a man’s father, it’s important to note that this tattoo isn’t dedicated to the loss of his father, his father is still alive. The tattoo itself takes up a majority of the expanse space on this mans back, and

6th of March Tattoo News 2020

Tattoo by Alex Ormsby

Prince Neptune: The matching tattoos of Miley Cyrus and new “boyfriend” Singer and Disney channel childhood star Miley Cyrus has recently been linked to dating fellow singer Cody Simpson. Recently the pair appear to have gotten matching tattoos by Nico Bassill. The reason behind the duos ink is to support Cody’s poetry career. Their tattoos

Tattoo News Weekly | 21st of February 2020

Image from @AmberJayInk

Minnie Mouse tattoo by @Amberjayink With the mushy-ness of Valentine’s Day out of the way, it’s time to focus on what’s really important. Pancake day! Oh, and tattoos. In tattoo news weekly, we have a number of stories to share! From celebrity tattoos to the heartfelt and meaningful, we have it all! Keep reading to

Tattoo News February 13th 2020

Tattoo News February 13th

What’s new in the world of tattoos? This week we find out more about a 9-year-old tattoo artist (you read that right), a misunderstood tattoo for one model and what on earth has Chris Brown done now? Find out more in this weeks tattoo news. 9 Year Old Tattoo Artist Finds Her Calling A 9-year-old

15th of January tattoo news 2020!

Tattoo News 2020

Dundee tattoo parlour raises money for bushfire victims  A Dundee based tattoo artist has been tattooing small koalas bear in aid of the bushfire victims in Australia. The recent bushfire in Australia has destroyed large amounts of land. The scale of the fire is near to the size of England, leaving Australia without wildlife or

19th December Tattoo News

Tattoo News December 19th

Wales Calls For Stricter Tattoo Licence Regulations In the past few years, the tattoo industry has boomed on the high street. So getting a tattoo is easier than ever before. Not to mention how far technology has come! The ink we have today is far superior and tattoo artists can create longer-lasting detail in the

Tattoo News 12th of December

Getting tattooed

Starstruck Angelina Fan Angelina Jolie was recently introduced to one of her fans recently at a west end show, Alex Thomas-Smith, who was a stand-in for Dear Evan Hansen at the west end. Thomas-Smith was able to show Jolie his tattoo of her. The performer has Angelina’s face tattooed on his arm. The incase you