What’s new in the world of tattoos? This week we find out more about a 9-year-old tattoo artist (you read that right), a misunderstood tattoo for one model and what on earth has Chris Brown done now? Find out more in this weeks tattoo news.

9 Year Old Tattoo Artist Finds Her Calling

A 9-year-old girl in Germany has been practising tattooing and the skill of tattooing has come to her as naturally as a painting would. Of course, her tattoos are all supported by her parents and she’s encouraged to follow her dreams. Lily Lu is the non-binary parent of Maya, they’ve been featured in many tattoo news stories before because of their full-body tattoos and half finger removal. Maya first tattooed Lily by scribbling with the tattoo gun on their feet, so Lily introduced Maya to the art of tattooing by teaching her how to tattoo safely and professionally.

Because of Lily’s teaching about tattoos, Maya is now fully capable of tattooing at 9 years of age. Maya has become a very selective artist, she works on what she wants and is keen to create tattoos of monkeys, as she has said: “I love monkeys and to work with the big needle, I hope I find people who won’t get big monkeys done with the big needle.” Many of her tattoos are not small pieces either, she’s done entire legs and arm sleeves.

Tattoo News February 13thChris Brown Debuts New Sneaker Face Tattoo

Pop singer Chris Brown is not only known for just his music, but he is also known for his tattoos. Over the years he has been ridiculed and questioned online about some of his tattoos as they seem to always be a bit unusual. Nonetheless, Chris Brown is an avid ‘Sneakerhead’ a term given to those who collect shoes. Being a ‘Sneakerhead’ is an expensive game and many collectable shoes can be extremely expensive. To show his dedication to his shoe collecting, Chris Brown decided to get a pair of Nike Air Jordan’s 3 shoes on the side of his face.

Most people reading this are probably scratching their heads just thinking ‘Why would anyone want shoes tattooed on their face?” as bizarre as it may seem, the tattoo is very well detailed for the scale it’s at. The tattoo was done by a celebrity tattoo artist named ‘GANGA’, also known as Joaquin Lopez; who has tattooed the likes of Post Malone, he’s also known for his 3D life-like tattoo style. It’s safe to say that Chris Brown certainly isn’t finished with his tattoos and he’s most likely to get a few more additions to his face.

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Model Presley Gerber Gets A Misunderstood Tattoo

Presley Gerber is an American model and son of American model and actress Cindy Crawford, he has recently debuted his first face tattoo that simply says ‘Misunderstood’. Due to his modelling career, Gerber has come under fire on social media for his new tattoo as many seem to feel like it will ruin his career as a model. He’s modelled for many famous fashion labels and performed on catwalks for brands such as Balmain and Moschino. Many commented on the tattoo because it’s written in very small and thin font, most users online dislike it due it’s minimalistic style.

On an Instagram live stream, Gerber said “You don’t know how I feel, you’re not in my head. What’s the meaning of the misunderstood tattoo is I don’t feel very understood, I guess,” in response to criticism of his face tattoo. Many users defended Gerber by saying how difficult it must be to be judged for having a tattoo, and for altering his appearance in a way which he wanted to. This tattoo may reveal more about Gerber’s mental health and inner struggles he has had, which may be leaving him feeling like he is ‘misunderstood’ because of his career in modelling.

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