Tattoo by Alex Ormsby

Tattoo by Alex Ormsby

Prince Neptune: The matching tattoos of Miley Cyrus and new “boyfriend”

Singer and Disney channel childhood star Miley Cyrus has recently been linked to dating fellow singer Cody Simpson. Recently the pair appear to have gotten matching tattoos by Nico Bassill. The reason behind the duos ink is to support Cody’s poetry career. Their tattoos are of Poseidon’s trident, however, they are opposites. What’s meant by opposites? Well, one tattoo is a thin line, and the other is coloured and filled in. The artist who posted the tattoo photo captioned “Some mornings it’s like the sun rises only for her,’ Prince Neptune.” This is a reference to Cody’s new poetry book titled  Prince Neptune: Poetry and Prose. Miley has been known for getting plenty of tattoos, in fact, some speculate she even got a tattoo dedicated to her split with her ex-husband Liam Hemsworth. 

Oil company makes a dirty decision

We’ve all heard the name Greta Thunberg, she’s a 17-year-old climate change activist who wants to change the world. She often comes under scrutiny from politicians and various public figures for this. However, this does not stop Greta as organises huge protests for climate change. A tattoo artist named German Canalla recently had his artwork depicting a sexual act stolen by an oil company, and the company changed his artwork to involve Greta. The artwork shows a girl who looks similar to Greta, with braided hair which is being pulled on by hands and there’s text at the bottom saying “Greta” with the oil company’s name “X-site energy services”. This logo blew up on social media, infuriating many as the logo is sexually provocative and Greta is still only 17 years old. 

The artist Canalla claims that his artwork was posted and taken out of context, the original art is meant to be an erotic piece. Canalla said “I made an erotic drawing because everyone f*cks and makes love, any way you want to call it. But they changed it to be a sexual act on a teen girl and that’s so bad.” He wishes to take legal action against the oil company for using his artwork to create a sticker that depicted Thunberg in a sexual way.  The original artwork dates back to 2016 before Greta was in the public eye, therefore it’s safe to assume it’s been taken out of context. 

Tattoo shop loses license

When you get a tattoo or piercing, the last thing you’d ever want to get is an infection from dirty or bad equipment. A tattoo and body piercing shop named Paparazzi in Niles, Michigan were spotted not using clean equipment for their work. A local county health department in Niles has issued a warning to anyone who’s recently had a tattoo at Paparazzi. To get checked out as they could have been exposed to Hep B, Hep C, or even HIV.

This alarming news broke out when it was revealed that Paparazzi sadly did not sterilize a pair of metal forceps that are used for piercings, so a health issue has been given to all recent customers. Paparazzi have since been forced to close down and resulted in them losing their licence. We hope that no one will be affected and that customers and everyone will be safe and well. Thankfully, justice has been served on this tattoo and piercing shop, as nobody wants that!