Shirley Pettigrew- Studio xiii

If you’re looking for awesome horror-themed blackwork tattoo, you need to go see Shirley Pettigrew. With a number of creepy twists on characters makes her work one of a kind. Our favourite piece is this amazing horror styled dead Dobby. All of her work is super detailed and looks beautiful whilst still being super spooky. For those of you who may be wondering, Shirley is based at Studio xiii in Edinburgh.

Chris Morris- Semper Tattoo

If you love Disney, superheroes or old school games then Chris Morris is your man! With an Instagram feed full of colourful and bold tattoos, it’s no wonder he’s so popular. One of our favourite pieces by Chris is this gorgeous Eevee and Eyeore playdate. Chris is based at Semper Tattoo and is always super busy, so it might take you a while to get booked in. But his work looks 110% worth it. It appears that Chris will be doing a number of guest spots in the UK throughout 2020, so watch this space.

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Marcin Ptak- InkDependent Tattoo

If you’re on the market for a realism tattoo Marcin Ptak who is based at InkDependent in Edinburgh is out of this world! Accompanied by his Instagram which is overflowing with detailed pieces. Marcin has a number of tattoos in his portfolio. Some of which are from some film favourites such as Groot and the Joker alongside phenomenal portraits of celebrities such as Chester Bennington and Elvis.

Alex Rattray – Empire Ink Studio

If you’re looking for a tattoo which is big, bold and colourful, Alex Rattray is your guy. With a portfolio filled to the brim with Marvel, Gaming, Starwars and other cool tattoos, you’re bound to want to get booked in with this tattooing genius. Alex is an internationally awarded tattoo artist who owns Empire Ink Studios and tattoos in both of his Glasgow and Edinburgh shops, so if you’re looking to get booked in with him at one of his fantastic studios be sure to book here.

Tattoos By Sarah- Red Hot and Blue

If you’re looking for a tattoo style that is a little bit more unique, you’ll love what Tattoos By Sarah has going on! Sarah who is based at Red Hot and Blue in Edinburgh is pro at freehand designs and gorgeous line and dot work. In addition to this, Sarah is also known for her flash Fridays which are very popular. If you’re looking for something different, we’d recommend heading on over to book with Sarah.

Olivia Chell- Insider Tattoo

We love that Olivia Chell brings out the Japanese tattoo style in her work, with huge colourful body pieces that you can’t help but love. With her mix of floral and animal-based work, she portrays the traditional Japanese style well. Based at Insider Tattoo in Edinburgh, Olivia is amazing at what she does!

Noemi Sorrentino- Watermelon Tattoo

Noemi is the owner of Watermelon Tattoo in Edinburgh and offers a number of styles when it comes to tattoos. With a large portfolio full of different bold styles, you’re bound to love getting tattooed by Noemi. Watermelon tattoo studio are big on kindness, which we love as it’s always great to feel welcome in a studio!

If you’re looking to get tattooed outside of Edinburgh, Noemi offers a number of guest slots. All around the world and she recently went to Iceland as a guest artist. If you’re looking to guest spot, Noemi is always looking for fantastic artists to come to visit the unique Watermelon Tattoo studio. 

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