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Eye tattoo went seriously wrong

Aleksandra Sadowska is a die hard fan of professional MMA fighter and rapper ‘Popek’. She is such a big fan recently had her eyeballs tattooed to match Popek’s! Popek is not only famous for being a rapper and professional MMA fighter, but he also has plenty of tattoos and scars, most notably his eyeballs are tattooed.

Aleksandra wanted to emulate this tattoo, and she decided to get hers done as well. Her experience getting the eyeball tattoo was not pleasant, and sadly Aleksandra lost vision in her right eye and found her left eye vision to be very limited, she was told this was all apart of the healing process. She had 3 different medical procedures to attempt to correct her vision and reduce any pain in her eyes. But Aleksandra was told by doctors the likelihood of her ever gaining her vision back is extremely unlikely. She now wishes to take the tattoo artist to court, but he is refusing the charges pressed against him.

Forever in our hearts Kobe Bryant

Most of you will have heard the news that Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna were involved in a fatal helicopter crash. The weeks that follow have been exceptionally hard for all of those who love and support the retired basketball player. In these times, we feel for his wife, kids and rest of his family. Including his sister, Sharia Bryant. Who this week got a tattoo in memory of Kobe and Gianna. We think the tattoo is a lovely tribute!

Scarred for life by Henna?

Henna tattoos are very popular as they are only temporary and assumed to be completely safe, however, there are occasions when henna can go wrong. Although the percentage of something going wrong is tiny, the damage can be pretty bad. A 28-year-old woman from Michigan, USA, recently got a henna tattoo whilst on holiday to the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean.

The tattoo only cost her $10 and in the first few days of the tattoo, it looked amazing. But then it began to swell and itch. She was rushed to hospital when the pain began very severe and signs of the swelling were not going down, and after various remedies and medicines, the swelling did go down. Sadly, the woman has been left with scarred skin but hopes that in time it will eventually fade.

Unlucky for some, 13 tattoo on Jimin, what does it mean?

BTS has been blowing up in the music industry in recent years, and have made a huge name for themselves in the American music market. BTS has recently released a new album named Map of The Soul: 7 this February and to celebrate the release of this album the members have debuted their own new looks.

A member of the group named Jimin was spotted with a new tattoo of the number ’13’ the discovery of the tattoo lead fans onto speculate why exactly Jimin would get this tattoo, considering that the number 13 is actually unlucky to most. Fan theories such as BTS first formed in 2013 and that he was born on the 13th of October. Many social media posts speculate the meaning of the tattoo, but fans are hopeful that it’s a tribute to the year BTS was formed; 2013.

Original source Elite Daily

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