Easy and awesome Christmas gift ideas for a tattoo artist!

Christmas is almost here and for those of you who haven’t yet started buying gifts, we are here to help. With 6 awesome gift ideas to buy for a tattoo artist (which we can almost guarantee they’ll love!) Including humorous gifts and useful ones too. We hope you enjoy this gift guide and if you have a tattoo artist in your life who doesn’t like these presents. We did say… almost.

The Tattoo Forum gift guide

A Drawing Tablet

With more tattoo artists stepping away from the traditional methods of designing on paper, and more of them using tablets to draw them on. These are easier for artists to send their designs across to clients and modify any parts which need changing. If you are close with a tattoo artist, it may be worth investing in a tablet for them. Of course, the type of tablet is down to the preference of the tattoo artist themselves. Some people enjoy using a tablet with a larger screen, whereas other artists don’t. Whether you’re looking to purchase a tablet such as iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil and Surface Pro or something specifically for drawing. Examples include a Wacom 22HD which is fully HD or an XP-Pen Artist22 Pro.

If you’re thinking of investing in a tablet for a tattoo artist for Christmas, it may be worth checking with them first.

Table books

When you head into a tattoo studio with a waiting area, there always tends to be lots of books to browse through whilst you wait. A lot of these feature traditional ink, however, you can also get books featuring flash sheets and plenty of other exciting reads. Check out Waterstones and Amazon who have plenty of choices when it involves tattoo books.

Studio Decor

The walls of tattoo studios are often places to hang prints, drawings and other cool and quirky pieces. Whether you’re looking to get something personalised with the recipient’s name on or something generic you’re usually able to find plenty of awesome gifts on Etsy. Including the mechanics of a Tattoo Machine or a personalised shop sign, which are both pretty awesome.

Ink and other supplies

If you’re a fellow tattoo artist or know what brand of ink they use, you can buy the artist some more ink. There are so many brands on the market to choose from so it’s important to stick to the brand they usually use. You can buy Tattoo Ink from places online such as Killer Ink who offer a huge variety of ink choices.

A session with their favourite artist

If you follow any tattoo artists on social media, you may have noticed them selling gift vouchers. These are perfect presents for tattoo artists. Not only does it allow them to book in with their favourite artist but it also helps the artist. The vouchers allow the recipient to have a gift to open.

If you’re looking for any advice on what to get a tattoo artist for Christmas why not check out our forum?