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News in Tattoos

We start this week’s roundup of tattoo news in Saskatoon, Canada where one man’s wish to preserve his tattoos after his death has caught the attention of the BBC – Chris Wendell died in October of last year of heart failure leaving behind a wife and five children who sought to implement his wish. Chris’

Tattoo News – April 29th

From a schoolgirl punished for commemorating a tragedy to the emerging and extreme trend that is Nullo, this week’s News in Tattoos is as colourful as ever: This Clown’s Got Your Back Photorealistic tattoos are still pretty rare for all kinds of reasons – chief among them the incredible amount of time and effort it

Tattoo News – April 19th

Creme Egg Addict Shows Her Love We’re all probably feeling pretty sick of chocolate now Easter has been and gone for the year, but this is not the case for self-proclaimed Cadburys Creme Egg addict Jennifer Crockill from Liverpool. Crockill has been eating at least one creme egg every day for over 10 years, resulting

Tattoo News – April 10th

This week in the world of body art news, embroidery tattoos for fans of crafty style hit the headlines, and Busy Philipps shared her badass new tattoo and the story behind it. Embroidery tattoos ( Tattoos have long since shaken off their less salubrious associations of old, and as more people have embraced the world

Tattoo News – April 1st

In this week’s round-up of tattoos, we have a sweet celebrity matching tattoo story and a not-so-sweet story from Tattoo Fixers. Brace yourself… Matching tattoos for celebrity couple Chrissy Teigen and John Legend This week, one of everyone’s favourite Hollywood couples got inked! Chrissy Teigen and John Legend got matching tattoos in tribute to their

Tattoo News: March 27th.

The tattoo news of this week tragically features the death of two tattoo legends, a beautiful tribute and Machine Gun Kelly getting a makeover – and it’s not what you might think! Sadly this week saw the passing of the legendary Lyle Tuttle who was one of the pioneers of modern tattooing. He has died

This week’s tattoo news

Bristol chippy boss speaks out against troll A chip shop boss in Bristol, UK, who received a 1 star Trip Advisor review from a customer who was served by a tattooed member of staff has responded. The customer at the Fenham Fish Bar left a review stating that tattoos were ‘not the best look to

Tattoo news and views

Here’s a round up of news and views from early March 2019 designed to prick your interest and keep you ‘inked in’ to what’s trending in tattoos! “Tattoo therapy: How ink helps sexual assault survivors heal” CNN’s Nina Avramova reports on a new study focusing on how tattooing can act as an alternative therapy to

Tattoo news from around the world

You would imagine that all those years at medical school would automatically earn you a fair amount of respect. Not true though, when you have tattoos, according to Dr Sarah Gray, from Adelaide, Australia. The 30-year-old is being dubbed “the world’s most tattooed doctor” by the media. She reports being at the receiving end of

Tattoo News – 27th February

From animal sanctuary fundraisers to portraits of Royal Navy servicemen and women with their tattoos, this week’s tattoo news shows just how fast the industry is growing. This week saw celebrity tattoo artist JonBoy opening a new studio – in a New York hotel! His microscopic, highly detailed ink has scored him a global reputation,

This week’s tattoo news in ink The Guardian’s Adam Gabbatt writes from New York to ask whether tattoos have become mainstream – and therefore uncool. Gabbatt is asking the big questions in this article – such as whether finding out your boss or bank manager has a tattoo ruins it for the rest of us. Gabbatt asks this after two