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4 fandom tattoos that actually exist!

Tattoos Fandom

In some ways, a fandom is like a secret club that you can only join by being obsessed about a specific thing. Whether it be art, movies, or even music. Fandoms are everywhere, you just need to know what to the lookout to identify them. People often get tattoos related to things that they’re a

Halloween Tattoo News | October 31st edition

Halloween Tattoo News

Happy Halloween tattoo news fans! Here’s the latest and greatest tattoo news from the last 7 (ish) days. Amsterdam hosts it’s 15th international tattoo convention Recently, thousands of people attended Amsterdam’s 15th International Tattoo Convention. Many people attended to get new ink from their favourite artists, found a chance to meet their favourite artist and

Tattoo News October 23rd

Tattoo News October 2019

Mixing things up in the world of Tattoos. A fan of the pop music group ‘Little Mix’ has recently gotten member Perrie Edwards tattooed on his upper arm. Which Perrie herself saw the tattoo and reacted to it. The tattoo is highly detailed, the image tattooed onto the fan’s arm is one of Perrie’s modelling

October 3rd Tattoo News

October Tattoo News

I hate to be one of those people, but, how is it October already? This year is flying by and October is one of my favourite months as the spooky tattoos come out in full force. As do Ed Sheeran’s apparently. To find out more about Ed and other interesting stories of the week, keep

September 26th Tattoo News

Tattoo News September 26th

  In the news in the world of tattoos, here is what happened this week. A lot has happened this week in the world of tattooing. Some good, some bad and some exciting as one of the biggest Tattoo Conventions arrives in London this weekend. Will 6ix9ine need his tattoos removed before going into witness

September 19th Tattoo News

Tattoo News: Vegan for Life Tattoo on Moby

September 19th Tattoo News In this weeks tattoo news features tattoo taboos from a 94-year-old great grandmother getting her first ink, a vegan for life inking and of course, the Rugby World Cup being hosted in Japan, what is the current stance on tattoos? Find out more in this weeks tattoo news. Moby’s “Vegan For

Tattoo News 7th of September.

Rest In Peace Jeffery Beale: To start this week’s Tattoo News, we have to share the devastating news that the tattoo legend Jeffery Beale has passed away. Jeffery ran his studio in Plymouth for 20 years after tattooing for 35 years, a true legend who will be missed by so many. To read more about

27th August Tattoo News

27th August Tattoo News It’s that time of the week again where we bring you the latest from the tattoo world, this week we have a mixed bag of news to share. We hope you’re looking forward to another edition of tattoo news. Police Force Removes Ban on displaying tattoos Good news for West Yorkshire

6th August Tattoo News

It’s official folks, we are in August and we appear to be having some good weather at the moment; a perfect reason to get tattooed. We’d love to hear about your latest inkings on our forum or Facebook page. In the world of Tattoo News, this week Matt Damon and Jemma Lucy get tattoo tributes

Tattoo News 28th July

What’s happened in the world of tattoos this week? This week the UK was captive of a massive heatwave for the majority of the week, a new prime minister moved into number 10 and a British teen wins 1.8 million pounds after coming 2nd in the e-sports Fortnite world cup. In the world of tattoos

July 20th Tattoo News

It’s July 20th and here’s what has been happening in the world of tattoos this week. Man gets a six pick inked: Hands down one of the funniest (and shittest) tattoos we’ve seen, however, you can’t help loving it at the same time. For this years Australian Tattoo Expo, Scott Medhurst entered and won the

July 12th Tattoo News.

    View this post on Instagram LION KING 🖤🖤🖤 A post shared by Katina Scheffler (@mermaid_tattooer) on Jun 18, 2019 at 8:27am PDT The Lion King tattoos are out in full force: With the release of the Lion King on the horizon, it appears so are the themed tattoos, looking for a Simba or

July 1st Tattoo News

July 1st Tattoo News: It’s that time of the week again where we share with you the highs, the lows and the damn right cool from this week in the tattoo world. With it being the start of the month and summer finally arriving what does the news this week have in store for us.