Wales Calls For Stricter Tattoo Licence Regulations

In the past few years, the tattoo industry has boomed on the high street. So getting a tattoo is easier than ever before. Not to mention how far technology has come! The ink we have today is far superior and tattoo artists can create longer-lasting detail in the ink on our skin. There are now countless celebrities that have tattoos. Which include the likes of ex-one direction member Harry Styles and footballer David Beckham. 

Tattoo News December 19thIn Wales, a new qualification for tattoo artists working body piercings, acupuncture, or electrolysis will require a new qualification.

Under the current public health bill, new regulations will be put into place in 2020 for welsh tattoo studios and clinics. These new regulations aim to protect the public. From infections and improve the health and safety of tattoos.

The new regulations will become a requirement for those working towards getting a personal licence. Which will be required to show and demonstrate their knowledge of infection control.

The dangers of infection with tattoo artists who do not obtain a licence is of significant risk. As blood-borne viruses have been contracted due to poor hygiene and dirty needles. 

Source BBC Wales

Demi Lovato Debuts Survivor Tattoo

In celebrity tattoo news, Demi Lovato has recently debuted her new neck tattoo. Her latest piece appears to be personal to her. Given what’s happened to her in the past few years, it’s understandable. Her tattoo says “Survivor” and was done by her usual tattoo artist and friend, Dr Woo. 

Demi has been public when battling her demons in the past, so this is a step for Demi moving forward. This tattoo intricate and features very fine and sharp line details, it’s done in Dr Woo’s signature tattoo style.

When revealing the tattoo, Demi also hinted at new music. One of her recent posts is of a blacked-out square with the caption “The next time you hear from me, I’ll be singing….” Her presence on social media has remained very quiet so undoubtedly her fans are excited to hear her voice again. 

British Backpackers Face Unemployment Due To Their Tattoos

Two British backpackers have posted on social media about their struggle to find work in Australia due to their appearance. The couple, Mr Pickersgill and Ms Fowler are heavily tattooed with facial piercings and alternative hairstyles. Their post on social media was them reaching out for help. To find if anyone in the part of Australia which they are staying in, knew of any employment opportunities for them. Since their appearance is different, it wasn’t long before abuse began to roll in. Comments mocking their appearance. *eye roll*  It’s unfair to them as they are only seeking employment, but became unfortunate victims of social media mockery. 

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