Each year we are happy to say that tattoos are becoming more the norm and a little bit less “disgraceful” as stated by our grandparents on numerous occasions. There have been some great tattoo stories this year, some happy and others damn right weird. Some of these stories include crimminal crybaby, girl gets a Tesco meal deal tattoo and the restrictions in the police force around tattoos are changing.

Before we start the new year, here are a few more tattoo stories to end the year with!

Embarrassing Selfie Gets Tattooed On Man’s Thigh

A man in the UK recently got a tattoo of his wife in a seemingly unsuspecting way. James McGaw recently got a haircut from his wife Kelly and it was done badly on purpose to have a joke with him.  The tattoo depicts a selfie took of them together. However, in this photo, this is of a selfie he took of him with his wife snoring with her mouth wide open. Not only is this an extremely unflattering image, but it also left her feeling horrified. Kelly felt like his prank had really crossed the line. After 24 years of playing pranks on each other, this may have been a bit too far. Thankfully the couple now both look back on the tattoo and laugh.

James added, I’m also scared because I don’t know what she’s now planning.Who knows what’s next? 

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Struggling Tattoo Artist Finds Work Tattooing Celebrities 

Lauren Winzer is a tattoo artist who has inked celebrities such as Joe Jonas, Miley Cyrus, and even Post Malone. She recently opened up about her struggles with employment before her tattoo career took off. Despite the tattoos not changing her personality and her strong work ethic. Winzer always found her tattoos still affected her chances of employment.

When she moved to a new town in New South Wales, Australia, she noticed people would even stare at her for having tattoos when she walked in the street. Winzer began work as a tattoo artist and found incredible success when Miley Cyrus was touring in Australia wanted to be tattooed by Winzer. Miley loved every piece! Winzer and Miley became friends, Miley even has her fly out to LA when she wants some new ink.

Having been fortunate enough to have this opportunity, Winzer is now very successful with her work. 

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Apprentice Star Gets Lord Sugar Tattooed

Finalist of The Apprentice, Lewis Ellis recently got a new tattoo. Ellis has never been ashamed of his tattoos and loves them! Lord Sugar on the other hand, not so much. During one of the tasks in The Apprentice saw Lewis shirtless in a spa advertisement in Finland, revealing his tattoos.

Lord Sugar tweeted Lewis saying “Lewis your tattoos are horrific. Tell me where I am missing the point. What does he look like?” Sugar later wrote in a tweet “Lewis your tattoos tell a story. What are you a kindle?”.

Shocked by Lord Sugar’s tweet, Lewis later tweeted “Thank you, everyone, that took the time to show some support for my ‘horrific’ tattoos and pointing out no one has the right to judge you or your body.” Despite what Lord Sugar has said about his body and his tattoos, Lewis still got the image tattooed of him as a permanent reminder of his time on the show.

So what is the tattoo I hear you say? The tattoo is of Lord Sugar holding a gun upon the back of his calf, dubbing his tattoo “Sir Alan Pacino”

With that, this is the final tattoo news of the year and we hope you have a fantastic new year!