It’s that time of the week where we bring you all the latest in the world of tattoos! With January (un)officially being the longest month of the year, we hope this tattoo news will power you through.

Tattoo removal programme to help inmates start over

Calfornia have made tattoo news this week for their gesture of goodwill when it comes to helping inmates start over. With most inmates who enter the prison system either already having tattoos or getting a makeshift oned whilst inside, the aftermath of the tattoos can be difficult to deal with. Some prisoners have gang tattoos alongside other offensive inkings on their bodies which can be alarming. Especially in visible areas such as face and hands.

By having such bold tattoo pieces it often can stop people getting jobs, therefore putting them in the position they came from. With a new programme in California ran by Mark Drevno who manages Jails to Jobs this may all change. With Drevno offering tattoo removal to allow those who want to get them removed to do so.

The programme hopes to offer this countrywide to help others who want to change their lives around too.

Tattoo News 22nd January

Screengrab from ITV

Did Richard Hammond really get this tattoo?

Richard Hammond went on This Morning to unveil his new tattoo to presenter duo Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford. Little did they know, the tattoo was actually of them.

The couple were shocked when Richard showed off his first tattoo. He even claimed his wife Mindy was yet to see his ink as it was so new.

When Eamonn and Ruth finally convinced The Grand Tour presenter to see his tattoo, they were shocked with what they discovered. Richard had a tattoo of their faces on his arm.

Thank god, it turns out the tattoo is actually fake, as it is poor quality and who would want a tattoo of the duo on their arm?

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How to get famous on Twitch according to Elkbjern

According to Inkedmag a twitch streamer called Louis who goes by Elkbjern was looking to build his career on Twitch so took the plunge by doing something to grab the attention of others. He allowed his audience to pay $10 for a chance of their comment getting picked as new ink on Louis.

Other than swear words and offensive language, everything else was a free for all.

The tattoos happened on live stream and were all done freehand by his tattoo artist, but one fan noticed something wrong with one of the tattoos, advising that he’d noticed a spelling mistake on the tattoo. The spelling mistake turned out to be a missing letter in the word cake. The tattoo artist later added the missing letter, however, it was one of those things which had to be made to look intentional. So it was added in a “goofy way” which Louis liked the result of anyway, thank god.

Although maybe the pressure of a live stream and working freehand isn’t the best idea.

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