Starstruck Angelina Fan

Angelina Jolie was recently introduced to one of her fans recently at a west end show, Alex Thomas-Smith, who was a stand-in for Dear Evan Hansen at the west end. Thomas-Smith was able to show Jolie his tattoo of her. The performer has Angelina’s face tattooed on his arm. The incase you were wondering, shows Angelina smoking a cigarette. Alex share photos online of Jolie checking out her tattoo, and according to Alex, she was overjoyed to see his tattoos. Alex found himself starstruck, and posted the photos online with the caption “WHAT IS MY LIFE?” The photos even show Angelina signing just below Alex’s tattoo, maybe Alex will even get the signature tattooed. 

Is it a mystery?

Ex Fifth Harmony vocalist and ‘Senorita’ singer Camila Cabello has revealed in a recent interview which can be found on Yahoo, that her first tattoo has actually already faded. Despite only being done in the middle of November. Due to simply not moisturizing the tattoo. It only took a couple of weeks after being tattooed for the tattoo to actually fade. Due to the placement and not following the aftercare instructions. Camila owned up to it by admitting that it faded because she did not moisturize the tattoo.

Cabello added in the interview “OK guys, my tattoo’s screwed,” she said. “Because I didn’t put moisturizer on it. Who here has tattoos? The first rule, you gotta moisturize it when you get it…it’s faded!” The tattoo originally said, “It’s a Mystery”. Now, the tattoo is still legible, however, now reads “a Mystery” instead of “It’s a Mystery.” The tattoo is dedicated to her mother. Which according to her Instagram picture of the tattoo, Camilla asked her mother to write a promise she would want Camila to make. 


Scottish Tattoo Artist stalked!

A Scottish tattoo artist has appeared in court over a case of stalking. The stalking began when the tattoo artist was with her new partner. When Gary Wiedenhof appeared at her door. The artist had been previously married to Wiedenhof until their relationship ended. The tattoo artist who has not been named due to privacy reasons, claims Wiedenhof owned a tattoo studio. Until he signed off the ownership of the tattoo studio to her. After their breakup, Wiedenhof would stalk the tattoo artist and wait outside her home on multiple occasions. Even breaking in at times! The effect of the stalking has been damaging to her mentally; she started “I’ve seen four different counsellors and am on numerous kinds of medication. I’m terrified to go anywhere on my own. My hair’s fallen out. I’ve lost an awful lot of weight and can’t sleep.”

This is a sad story, and perhaps Wiedenhof shows a lot of resentment over giving up his tattoo studio and is experiencing jealousy because of her new relationship.  Find out more about the case here.


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