I hate to be one of those people, but, how is it October already? This year is flying by and October is one of my favourite months as the spooky tattoos come out in full force. As do Ed Sheeran’s apparently. To find out more about Ed and other interesting stories of the week, keep reading.

October Tattoo News

The truth about Ed Sheeran’s Tattoos

Ed Sheeran is famous for his highly successful music career but he is also known for having extravagant colourful tattoos. His tattoo artist Kevin Paul says that he has been criticized over Ed’s tattoos. Paul claims that Ed has been the ‘Worst and best’ thing to happen to his career. The musician’s tattoos are criticized for being bold and colourful and in a weird cartoon style. Even Paul himself admits that he does not think Ed’s tattoos are good. The public criticism over Ed’s tattoos escalated after Heinz Ketchup launched a limited edition bottle of ketchup. Featuring some of his tattoos on the bottle design. 

Together they share an honest relationship where he openly criticizes the tattoos he has done. But expresses that all of Ed’s tattoos are all personal to him. Kevin once did complex designs and won awards for his work, he was heavily praised. Then he began to make 2D tattoos on a popstar and claims he lost clients. Kevin expresses his concerns over the criticism he has received. Because people think that Kevin does not have any skills when it comes to tattooing. Before tattooing Ed, Kevin specialising in award-winning 3D tattoo designs. Let’s hope October is a better month for Kevin. 


Not a grate idea…

Images have recently surfaced of a man from Argentina, who used a cheese grater to remove a tattoo. The images originally date back to 2017, however, the story has recently come to light in the media. The man originally wanted a job in the police. Which he later found out he would not be accepted into if he had any visible tattoos. A tattoo artist in the city he lives in explained that getting a tattoo is risky because it cannot be removed. After researching online, he tried a pumice stone but found this to be unsuccessful. He tried a cheesegrater which caused him pain and lots of bleeding. Then later was forced to have a tetanus shot because of his method of tattoo removal… ouch. 


Wimp of a fugitive

A fugitive named Shane O’Brien has recently been outed as ‘crying like a baby’ as he had a tattoo cover-up to help evade his criminal conviction of killing 21-year old Josh Hanson since 2015. He originally had a tattoo of his child’s name on his back. But then had this covered up to help evade a conviction. O’Brien fled the UK and hid in countries such as Germany, Belgium, and the Czech Republic.

He entered a tattoo shop in Prague and instantly aroused suspicions. As he was demanding to have an entirely new backpiece tattoo done straight away. Following this, he avoided any questions or small talk. But he did begin to cry after a while saying how painful the tattoo was. He managed to live under the radar after growing his hair out, growing his facial hair, and taking on a fake identity. After the tattoo was completed, he was arrested in the Czech Republic and sentenced in the UK. 


GHD features a successful breast cancer tattoo artist on their limited edition GHDs to raise money for charity.

Grace Lombardo was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 35. After her recovery, several of her friends shared an article about David Allen, an artist who specialized in post-mastectomy tattooing. Allen conducted research into tattoos, he knew that scar tissue is harder to tattoo than normal skin because it becomes denser. The tattoo that David Allen did on Grace Lombardo became viral and now post-mastectomy tattoos are his most popular. He is so in demand that there is a huge waitlist for them.

David advises these tattoos are delicate and can often need revisions after surgeries, as the skin may not line up how it used to. Allen has changed the lives of many clients by creating these amazing tattoos! They rebuild confidence and helps the survivors to feel strong. In honour of Breast Cancer month throughout October, GHD collaborated with Allen and created a limited edition pink range featuring his floral mastectomy tattoos. The GHD products are going to help to raise which will go forward to help breast cancer charities.


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