Happy Halloween tattoo news fans!

Here’s the latest and greatest tattoo news from the last 7 (ish) days.

Halloween Tattoo NewsAmsterdam hosts it’s 15th international tattoo convention

Recently, thousands of people attended Amsterdam’s 15th International Tattoo Convention. Many people attended to get new ink from their favourite artists, found a chance to meet their favourite artist and got to see thousands of incredible tattoos. Most of the people at the convention were actually shirtless to display their tattooed bodies. Famous inked artists such as Matt Gone, who is known for his checkered head design and psychedelic body art. 

The convention also celebrated incredible piercing work, makeup artists showing off their visual effects. When it came to the makeup artists show, it consisted of scary makeup compiled from liquid latex and looked incredibly realistic. It also hosted a gallery of tattoo designs on paper, this gallery varied from everything like beautifully detailed oriental design and to traditional style tattoos, and so much more. This convention is a fantastic opportunity for those wanting to see a huge range of diversity and art in one place. 

Tattoo for what you believe in

Mike Chan is a tattoo artist who recently has been tattooing protesters to help support the movement. He has around 70 designs each show a person in headgear and he has been offering both free and paid for tattoos. The designs that are paid for actually have a lot of detail including text added to the designs. The text features text such as “Free Hong Kong” and “Fight For Freedom”. Mike’s tattoos are helping to raise awareness of the protests in Japan and they remain true to the cause. 

Chan compared his work on the protest tattoos to handing water bottles in the summer heat at protests. He sees his tattoo work as a form of protest, and his work is becoming increasingly more popular, and no one regrets what they have gotten. In Hong Kong, tattoos have typically been a taboo subject and often associated with criminal or gang behaviour. Mike hopes that he can use his protest tattoos in the positive light. After all, his goal is to create meaningful art that is not like a stamp. But something that is truly unique. 


Wild Card for Miranda

Miranda Lambert, an American country music artist recently opened up about her new album and a new tattoo. Her tattoo is a detailed image of a playing card. However, her new ink isn’t a typical playing card. The tattoo features an ‘M’ in the top left corner, the tattoo is a queen of hearts playing card. Miranda’s latest album is titled ‘Wild Card’ and her tattoo shows homage to her new album. As it is open about her struggles with heartbreak. 

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