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Rest In Peace Jeffery Beale:

To start this week’s Tattoo News, we have to share the devastating news that the tattoo legend Jeffery Beale has passed away. Jeffery ran his studio in Plymouth for 20 years after tattooing for 35 years, a true legend who will be missed by so many. To read more about Jeffery and his amazing story, the Plymouth Harold has written an article.

Tattoos for The National Museum in Brazil:

People in Brazil have been getting tattoos to commemorate the tragic loss of their National Museum, which burned down in September 2018. This museum was home to irreplaceable artefacts and hundreds of years of history, with only a handful of surviving curios. To help people cope with the loss of this museum; a palaeontologist named Beatriz Hörmanseder lost her work and will never be able to recover what she lost – It was a fossil which she believed to be a new species that can’t be researched further anymore since the fire. Beatriz got an image of the museum building tattooed, this soon started a movement of people, those being students and staff at the museum.

Source BBC News

Introducing… Sneakerheads?

Pop artist Chris Brown recently debuted his new face tattoo of a sneaker. The pop artist is known for being a collector of expensive shoes, sneaker collecting being one of them. Many people collect shoes as their hobby and have collections that can be worth millions, with shoes from different designers and brands. So-called ‘Sneakerheads’ know their stuff about sneakers and take pride in keeping their collection in pristine condition. Chris brown’s tattoo may reveal that he is a collector himself, but he has been the subject of controversy online with many mocking his tattoo… 

Breast Cancer Survivor Tattoos:

Tattoo artist Terri Benamore has been tattooing breast cancer survivors with nipple and areola tattoos to help them feel confident and ‘complete’ again. She has helped over 70 women and wants to carry on doing these tattoos. She is helping many women regain confidence in their lives and is helping them to be strong. Terri wants her work to be seen to raise awareness as Terri does not want her work or the human body to be a subject that should be censored, but when her posts are on social media they get removed, Terri wants people on social media to understand that there is a difference between adult content and areola or nipple tattoo, and wants people to know her work is not sexually explicit in any way. 

Source The Metro

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