Mixing things up in the world of Tattoos.

A fan of the pop music group ‘Little Mix’ has recently gotten member Perrie Edwards tattooed on his upper arm. Which Perrie herself saw the tattoo and reacted to it. The tattoo is highly detailed, the image tattooed onto the fan’s arm is one of Perrie’s modelling shots. In case you’re wondering, the tattoo looks incredible and it’s easy to tell the tattoo is of Perrie.

The tattoo is coloured in orange and red shades, giving the appearance of a sunset. With a silhouette of a city and a woman just underneath the face of Perrie. The image of the tattoo was noticed by Perrie and shared on her Instagram stories to over 9 million followers. Her response to the tattoo was ‘Holy f****** s*** balls.’ Showing a collage of angles of the tattoo. It’s clear that her response to the tattoo was positive. She appears to be extremely shocked by the ink. 


The increase of the tattoo studios

If you’ve noticed in recent years many high street retailers have closed down completely and have had to cease all trading. Some have moved online A recent study carried out by Which? Found that the salons and tattoo parlours are types of businesses that are not closing down. Unlike many high street retail chains. The complete opposite infact. Tattoo parlours and piercing services business have expanded by 44%, from these statistics it’s obvious that industries such as tattooing and hairdressing that can’t be replaced with an online alternative. With many high street shops finding more business online, the need for purchasing in-store and visiting their shops in person has become inconvenient. 


Discrimination for having tattoos

Kathy-Rose Bullen was recently rejected from joining the Police for her tattoos and piercings. She posted about this on social media which received mixed reactions. With many people claiming that it is ‘discrimination’ to reject her from joining the police. Victoria Police has since made a response about this. However, it was that they refuse to talk about this matter as their policy is that tattoos are only acceptable if they are not visible when wearing a uniform.

This means that the neck and hands need to be clear of any tattoos. In other states of Australia, tattoos are acceptable as long as they conform to particular policies, for example, a tattoo needs to be inoffensive. Kathy-Rose, the user who made the social media post about being rejected from the police felt like she needed ‘cheering up’ after discovering that she could not join the police.

Many people could relate to her sadness and frustration over the issue and expressed their sympathies as many felt that she was not judged fairly because of her tattoos. 

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