September 19th Tattoo News

In this weeks tattoo news features tattoo taboos from a 94-year-old great grandmother getting her first ink, a vegan for life inking and of course, the Rugby World Cup being hosted in Japan, what is the current stance on tattoos? Find out more in this weeks tattoo news.

Moby’s “Vegan For Life” Tattoo

Musician Moby, famous for his hit songs ‘Porcelain‘ and ‘Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?’ recently got a neck tattoo by celebrity artist Kat Von D. In an Instagram post, Moby showed off his neck tattoo which has divided audiences with this bold statement. The tattoo reads “Vegan For Life” as Moby claims to have been Vegan for 32 years. Aside from music, Moby is notably a strong activist in the protection of animals and promoting a vegan lifestyle.

94 Year Old Widow Gets Tattoo To Memorialise Husband & Late Son


A 94-year-old widow named Hilda has recently been tattooed for the first time. Her tattoo is her husband’s initials and her late son’s initials, within heart shapes. Her husband, Ernest, passed away in 2018 and she wanted to get something special to remember him by; so Hilda got a tattoo to commemorate this. Her choice of the tattoo was her husbands’ initials alongside her late son’s initials. The tattoo was arranged by the care home where she resides.

Not only is this tattoo a sad and heartwarming story, but she could also be the oldest woman in the UK to get their first tattoo. In fact, she already plans on getting another tattoo.

Name inital tatto


The Rugby World Cup & Tattoos

With the Rugby World Cup being hosted in Japan and many countries from around the world attending tattoos are a hot topic right now. It is frowned upon in the country to have tattoos, those with ink are advised to cover up and in most public places such as gyms and pools are a cause for concern. With tattoo licenses not given in Japan, there is a grey area of whether tattoos are allowed to be given in Japan. But what about those who already have the ink and are visiting Japan? Some hotels are allowing visitors with tattoos whereas others are not. During the world cup, allowing visible tattoos has been given the ok in most places.



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