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In the news in the world of tattoos, here is what happened this week.

A lot has happened this week in the world of tattooing. Some good, some bad and some exciting as one of the biggest Tattoo Conventions arrives in London this weekend.

Will 6ix9ine need his tattoos removed before going into witness protection?

Rapper 6ix9ine took over social media last year with his bold and striking appearance, coloured long hair, and covered in tattoos of the number “69” on his face, arms, and chest. He has been accused of involvement with gangs,  weapons, and drugs over the past few years. Since his involvement with these crimes, he has been jailed and questioned in court. Over a number of alleged gang-related incidents, he openly ‘snitched’ on his fellow gang members. Which is considered a betrayal of trust within gang culture. Since appearing in court and discussing details of the alleged crimes, fears for 6ix9ine’s safety arose and he is possibly going to be placed into witness protection.

6ix9ine’s appearance is extremely noticeable, there has been a discussion on whether or not to remove his tattoos to keep him protected. His tattoos will apparently take a year or more to remove. With tattoo removal, there are cosmetic side effects such as itching, redness, blisters, and inflamed skin. The results of the tattoo removal will be extremely painful to protect his identity. 


New psychedelic tattoo trend

A tattoo artist named ‘Winston the Whale’ has recently received popularity online for his outrageous and boldly coloured designs that look like something from an acid trip. These designs are unreal and completely psychedelic. His designs are extremely original, combining a multitude of things that when placed together look out of this world.

Outrage sparks due to a heavily tattooed cat

A controversial series of images have appeared online showing what appears to be an alleged tattooed cat. These images immediately sparked outrage as the practice of tattooing an animal is considered abusive and completely nonconsensual on behalf of the animal. The nature of humans is that we have a choice to be tattooed or not. But an animal does not get the same ability as us, humans. 

One of the major issues with this is that the cat experienced great pain from the tattoos, and it is not easy to gauge the pain threshold of the cat either. The owner posted about how the cat was missing, this sparked online outrage, receiving many angered comments about how the cat has been mistreated. The cat was placed under muscle relaxants to get the tattoos, however, the cat does not move but it will still be aware of what is happening and still feels pain. It has been compared to the cat being burnt. 

Sadly, the cat escaped the owners home and is yet to be found. The owner expressed he is distraught by losing the cat and has tried everything in his power to find him. The owner adds ‘I’m not eating, I’m not sleeping’ expressing his distress over losing the cat. 


The London Tattoo Convention has arrived!

In lighter news, one of Europe’s biggest tattoo conventions will be held in London this weekend. The convention will have around 400 of the most awesome and talented artists from around the globe, and so much more. Acts such as fire breathing, photography, galleries, and the opportunity to be tattooed by big-name tattoo artists. Alongside this, there are a variety of stores selling quirky and alternative pieces from patches to clothing. To find out more about the shops at the convention, you can view these here on the official website. The convention will also host some awesome pop-up places to purchase food and drinks throughout the convention. P.s. if you’ve not got your tickets yet, you can get these at the gates. 

If you are going to the convention we are extremely jealous and we hope to hear all about it on our Facebook page.

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