Malaysian Tattoo Convention Mayhem  

Malaysia’s recent tattoo convention has left Malaysian officials have been outraged over the convention. Ethnic Malay Muslims make up around 62% of the countries population. Malaysian authorities have said that they had not granted permission for “half naked parades”. This came to light as many of the attendees at the tattoo convention were “half naked” to show off their work and ink. Another tattoo convention held in a neighbouring region of Malaysia allegedly contained no forms of nudity. Therefore the authorities did not find any issues with this convention.

In Malaysia, LGBT communities feel threatened as same-sex relationships are punishable with physical violence. The convention drew attendees from over 35 countries and was supported by its government. However, officials were not comfortable seeing people half naked with tattooed bodies, especially when images get posted online. 

Source BBC.

Woman with a tattoo on her exposed back

Did Ancient Egyptians Have Tattoos?

Ancient Egypt is an era of history that despite all the research conducted into it, there are still lots of unsolved mysteries. The ancient Egyptians accomplished feats of architecture which remains unclear to researchers today. One of the oldest pictured tattoos was discovered in Egypt dating back 5,000 years.  Researchers studying ancient Egyptian mummies have revealed using infrared technology have found mummies that had tattoos. Using infrared technology and taking infrared photos to allow us to see wavelengths of light that are not visible to the human eye.

Only bodies of tattooed females have been found so far. There is a theory that ancient Eygptian women with tattoos showed fertility in ancient Egyptian society. Most of the tattoos are not recognisable. Although, one the mummies was identified to have 30 tattoos. These 30 tattoos appear to be different from those of any other Egyptian mummy. The mummy actually has cross-shaped symbols on the palms that have not appeared on any others. It’s possible that this mummy with 30 tattoos was actually a religious practitioner.

It’s always interesting to find out how prevalent tattoos have been throughout history. 

Wanted: Dim crook with 'crime pays' tattooed on forehead (Picture: Police handout)

Ironic face tattoos

A 38-year-old man from Indiana, USA, named Donald Murray was involved in a high speed car chase. The chase was caused by police spotting a car without lights. The car chase ended with the vehicle crashing, and anyone involved escaped and fled on foot. What is notable of Donald Murray is that he has instantly identifiable tattoos. He’s known for having the words “CRIME PAYS” across his forehead. Oh, and another tattoo of “PLAYBOY” on the side of his face. Donald is currently facing felony charges due to his reckless behaviour and resisting arrest. The internet is full of famously bad tattoos and it appears many criminals have been photographed with unusual face tattoos. These always tend to be poorly done. Plus, with tattoos like this, you are almost asking for attention for the wrong reasons. 

After all, Donald, crime pays!


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