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Watty;74675 wrote:
I personally ask people why they decided to get that and how long they have have the tatt for mainly just to pick their brains on their idea of a tatt, and to tell them it’s a good tatt. But that’s why I stare

I kind of ask the same.

Another question I generally ask is who did it since I’m in Hawaii and the tattoo artist community is smaller.


If I see people with tats I will look, not out of rudness but because I like to see what they have. I got my first tat this week and because I am in wheelchair, sometimes I don’t know if their staring at the wheelchair or my tat lol


I stare because like everyone else says, it’s art and I appreciate the tattooists’ talent. Also, I always wonder what’s their stories behind them.

ryannnnn;73567 wrote:
Nice response! I agree with You No other investment is lifelong!

I also hate when people ask how much they cost, about 150 an hr, and they say ‘whaaa… I know. So&so who could’ve done that for….” or they show me their tattoos, which aren’t great, and say.. ‘the homie did this for 20 bucks”.. really? Maybe that’s why it looks fucking horrendous.

Very true, I hear the same crap. Then I see theres and the normally look quite awful.


i get this alot and not in a nice way:mad: because i live in a pretty small town of mainly old people but sweden is not as bad as ireland. i was home in ireland a few weeks ago and i noticed 3 older people stairing at my arm an point when i looked over they actually looked scared like i was going to rob them. some people dont get that it is an art form 😡


after a while it becomes second nature for people to stare at all of my tats on my lower arms, because they’re so obvious. it starts to become pretty comical if i get nasty looks, especially from the highly religious older generation who thinks tattoos are a major sin. fun times! lol


People are going to stare regardless the tattoos just increase it and yes it can be annoying but oh well. I’ve been known to be a voyeur as well on others tattoos.

I find the “did it hurt?”, “which one hurt most?”, etc questions to be more annoying.