The Mighty Ming

A delivery driver I was working with today was staring at my tattoos, he eventually asked how much it cost me, I told him around £700 over 4 sessions. He snorted and bragged how he could buy a car for that or something useful. I told him that car would cost him thousands over the years, my tattoo is free for the rest of my life!


Well, I stare at people’s tattoos because I like them, and I want to check them out. I usually compliment people on them too.

I just got my first ‘visible’ tattoo this past Friday, so I’m interested to see how people respond to it (not that I give a shit, but I just never had any visible ink on me). What I got is the ‘circle of fifths’, which is the basis of all music theory. Hardly anyone knows what it is, which is awesome!!! So far a few people have asked me, ‘what’s that?’ and I like explaining it to them.

Eh, whatever I like tattoos, and I always will. Who cares if other people don’t.


this is really a good topic. I used to love when random people would talk to me about my tattoos, especially when I only had like a half sleeve, it was new and exciting. Now however I have a full sleeve, and a half sleeve on my other arm…I also rock the cutoffs quite often so they are all completely visible…..I get annoyed pretty quick now when someone asks me about them. It really depends on the situation tho. If it’s a hott girl I’m always diggin it:D. If it’s some old lady or tool with a tribal arm band or something I can’t stand it! These feelings have made me rarely compliment other people on their tattoos. I only do it if they have something really really good, or really unique, which honestly doesn’t happen that often in day to day life.

But it’s a common reaction to stare a little at other people’s tattoos. It’s like any kind of hobby really, people check out what other people have.


Like this tribal band:



Awesome! Mighty Ming…. I think some people just are intimidated by tattoos


Is the tatoo of the world with a neon green ocean and dark blue continents with the words (In GOD We Trust) in the middle of the green ocean in black script a good idea for a first tatoo. Please reply people


Im proud when people stare at my ink cause it shows me that Ive got some beautiful work that people admire.

Then again Im use to being stared at since I have a mohawk that when its down hangs past my a$$ and I get told I look like jesus ALOT LMAO:p


I think personally it could be because in a society riddled with conformity tattoos are still seen as a mark of rebellion, that and they look awesome 🙂


Mountain_Man;70764 wrote:
I have a mohawk that when its down hangs past my a$$ and I get told I look like jesus ALOT LMAO:p

Awesome !!


I’m getting my leg sleeved as my second tattoo project, it my first visible one. I notice people looking at it everywhere. It really kinda annoys me.

I just find myself wondering how far to people stereotype on that.


Sometimes I feel bad when I stare, because I only have one visible tattoo I’ve had for a week and I’ve already had people just stare at it blankly, but usually when I stare I am just admiring. Recently I couldn’t take my eyes off some woman (and I’m a straight female) because she had one full sleeve and one sleeve almost finished, a chest piece, tattoos on her neck and her legs (she was wearing a dress) and they were all beautifully perfectly done. I was literally captivated by the beauty of it. Of course, I felt awkward because I’m sure she noticed so I literally apologized for staring and told her I really liked her ink and was looking to get more done and asked her who her artist was. She laughed and was cool with it, but before that was definitely giving me a few questioning looks, haha.

As a woman with tattoos, I guess I tend to stare more at heavily tattooed women, who already get more stares. But it’s not uncommon for me to see men with lots of tattoos, I have male family members with lots of tattoos. Where I live, at least, it’s not that common to see a woman with ANY visible tattoos, and if there are any it’s usually a wrist or ankle tattoo, so when I do see a woman with nice tattoos I can’t help but want to check out the artwork.


I’m too young to get a tattoo as of yet, but I always find myself admiring ink whenever I see it. I was sitting in the tattoo/piercing parlor waiting area today, waiting to get my lip done, and there was a woman sat beside me with the most wonderful set of tattoos. I was quite shyly staring but I think she knew I was just appreciating them since she started showing me as well as the tattooist.

looney bin escapee

I don’t know about anyone else, but I have my tattoos where I do so people can look. I like it when people look, stare and point at my tatts.

I wear ’em proudly.

I look at other people’s tatts because I like looking at other styles from other artists and if its out in the open, shit, I’m going to look. If its a really cool one, I just might walk up to them and ask them about it. You know, do the tatt chat shit you’ve all done.


my mrs says it funny cause i never notice it but people always stare at me even had some walk into a cloths rack while staring at my head lol i have to eyeballs cuming out of skin rips on the back of my head

Bdubbs;59603 wrote:
Wondering what you guys/gals think? I could care less that people stare at me, but wondering what your thoughts are. Has anyone ever stopped you and asked you about them? Its obvious people have an instinct when someone is looking at them, seem to be getting this alot now at the gym.


When I first got my tats in the early 90’s (Particularly my left arm sleeve & the 2 tears under my right eye) I would get mixed looks of disgust, fear, and annoyance. People would literally cross the street just so they didn’t have to walk next to me :(.

It was around 2003 when I started noticing more & more people looking at me out of curiosity and interest. It was around this time people would actually stop and ask me about them, looking for a history report and definitions on them so to speak.

I was never really annoyed by people that didn’t understand my choice of inking. I understand that it’s human nature to push away and dislike what we don’t really understand as an impulse. It just takes some people a little longer to open up to cultural change and become more accepting of an individuals choices.

At any rate, that’s my input on the topic.. 🙂


in finland where i live, no one looks at my tattoos. but if i go to abroad, people’s head starts to turn. when i was leaving from amsterdam, one security-lady looked deeply into my eyes and said “nnnnice..” i thought she was hitting on me ( i’m a girl) and i just stared at her, then she said “the tattoo, that’s nice.”

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