I also admit to staring! like you have all said its hard not to stare when looking at someone else’s ink, and Im curious to know what other people’s tastes are when it comes to tattoos.
I get stares a bit, but it doesnt bug me, one day an elderly lady came up to me and said “your such a beautiful girl why would you do such a thing to your body”, but before I could even answer she walked off like I had some disease!!


I think it’s great. I have had quite a few great conversations based on people just asking me questions about mine and likewise, there are plenty of strangers I’ve talked to as well. The most disapproving people I’ve encountered are usually older, but it made my day (week? month?) when an older gentleman, at least 70, told me that I had awesome tattoos.


Last week while eating lunch at a sit down family rest. I had two women ask to see my sleeve and was shocked when I took my sweatshirt off and raised my T shirt sleeve, and it wasnt at all the vines they thought they seen at first……lol My wife said they where cougars..


300 hours in the chair….another 400 more to go..

I get different responses, but when it came to a little 4 year old girl who saw me in a grocery store. I saw the fear in her eyes as she gripped on to her mother like a freaked out possum. Ive learned to get used to it.
If I see a tattoo that catches my eye I’ll approach them and say “sorry for staring, but I was just admiring your tattoo” they always smile and openly share their story with me. Just manners is all.


I don’t really mind it, but it depends on the situation. Like for example, once I was with a group of people I didn’t know very well, and someone asked me to explain the meanings of each of my tattoos, that made me feel uncomfortable because it made me feel like I was an attention seeker in kind of a weird way? I don’t mind a person asking me, but I don’t like a group.


I’ve found that the only difference between the two are that those with tattoos don’t care if you don’t have any. I as well am ink nosey. I love to see what others choose to adorn themselves with. To me it’s one of the most interesting forms of expression. Wear those tats with pride.


Unfortunatley I think the stares come with the territory of somewhat still being socially unacceptable. I love to see what other people have, someone heavily inked usually grabs my attention with the story thats written on there body. One day soon enough it will be like the movie “Idiocracy” and we will all be lasered with barcode tattoos so people will have to learn to love them. All jokes…but seriously. 😀


If you get offended cause someone is trying to look at your ink, cover that stuff up… if you decide to ink your body, you’re a walking billboard…

after getting my first, i couldn’t care less if people are trying to look… come on over, and get a good look, i’m cool with it…