eeva;72737 wrote:
one security-lady looked deeply into my eyes and said “nnnnice..” i thought she was hitting on me

You’re correct.. she was 😉


I think people stare because they just have not gotten with the times. Tattoos and piercings are normal now where as they were not as popular not too long ago.

The Mighty Ming;67588 wrote:
A delivery driver I was working with today was staring at my tattoos, he eventually asked how much it cost me, I told him around £700 over 4 sessions. He snorted and bragged how he could buy a car for that or something useful. I told him that car would cost him thousands over the years, my tattoo is free for the rest of my life!

Nice response! I agree with You No other investment is lifelong!

I also hate when people ask how much they cost, about 150 an hr, and they say ‘whaaa… I know. So&so who could’ve done that for….” or they show me their tattoos, which aren’t great, and say.. ‘the homie did this for 20 bucks”.. really? Maybe that’s why it looks fucking horrendous.


If i catch myself staring, which happens a lot, I make it a point to then at least make an attempt at initiating conversation because obviously there was something in that piece that caught my eye. Tattoos are a wonderful way to meet ppl and make friends, or at least I have found that to be true.


What if you’re staring because it’s just so awful? Do you still strike up a conversation?

looney bin escapee
ArniVidar;73575 wrote:
What if you’re staring because it’s just so awful? Do you still strike up a conversation?

I sometimes do. I want to know who did the work and what the hell the person was thinking when they got the tatt. I mean, you gotta say, “yes, that’s what I want” before getting inked. At least most times you do.

Bdubbs;59603 wrote:
Wondering what you guys/gals think? I could care less that people stare at me, but wondering what your thoughts are. Has anyone ever stopped you and asked you about them? Its obvious people have an instinct when someone is looking at them, seem to be getting this alot now at the gym.


Iv’e been asked about my tattoo alot. People think it’s cool i designed it, that is, everyone BUT my family.
My entire family thinks tattooing is mutilation…so whenever I go swimming with them I have to wear a T-shirt over my bikini to hide the tattoo or they will be angry and offended.
I think Id rather have strangers staring at my tat than my family asking me to keep it out of sight.
I think tattoos are beautiful, so when I see other people with them, I stare, in awe…never take it personally. Usually people who dont have ink are either like woah thats badass on you…or they think ick thats mutilation!!! Who cares??? Their loss for not having the open mind, llove of art and symbolism…it takes dedication to ink your skin…I feel proud to wear mine!!!

Morwin Nerdbane

I don’t mind people staring at all. I’ve had several people I’ve never met approach me about my back piece to tell me how lovely it looks. The most flattering was a tiny old lady that told me that she normally didn’t like tattoo’s but my back was very pretty.

It’s started to effect how I dress, I’ll buy and wear clothes that show off my back now (open back dresses and strappy vests etc) I think to some extent people who get inked are exhibitionists to an extent. You can’t deny loving that feeling when someone comes over and tells you how good they look or when you notice them staring and over hear them say ‘it looks great that’s the kind I want’.

If deep down we didn’t want people to look we wouldn’t get them in obviously visible places.


My sleeve scares people!!!!

I work in the food industry, and retail is involved and old people are scared to talk to me.
People have came up to me and told me about the yakuza from Japan having the same tat,
I’m explaing every damn hour to somebody that I am not Yakuza.

But, I love staring at people’s tats, it’s awesome.
It’s a human nature, like an animal hunting it’s competition.


i work as a tech support during the day and work as a bartender a few nights of the week and i can say after this weekend (got my first this past thursday night) i couldnt help but notice all the stares and the conversations that were struck from my tattoo.

it got to the point where i had to ask them to leave me alone cos i was so busy serving drinks haha


its sorta like being a walking art gallery, huh? I love it!


Generally, when I am staring at someone’s artwork it is because I am fascinated by it. It is either neat, intriguing or just beautiful in a way that catches my eye.

Besides, it is artwork and deserves to be stared at, admired and contemplated.

Now on the other hand, there are times I find myself staring at tattoos because the guy is just straight up sexy…bwahahaha 😀

But, you know, if you are getting tattoos in a place that is highly visible, you obviously want people to stare otherwise you’d have chosen a place where they woulda been covered, right?

risk_taker;59615 wrote:
I usually don’t try to stare, but tattoos just fascinate me.I am a very curious person and when i see someone with a tattoo i just want to know why they got.


i agree with this


I stare because I love the art of tattoos…just like i stare at graffiti and when I talk to people about graffiti they just think im weird.
Also in lot of cultures tatoos are considered taboo, and I just love the thought of these people seeing a tattoo and avoiding me, makes it so much easier to not talk with tosspot people especially non-immediate family haha.


I personally ask people why they decided to get that and how long they have have the tatt for mainly just to pick their brains on their idea of a tatt, and to tell them it’s a good tatt. But that’s why I stare

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