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I admit it I stare at tattoos! Can’t help it. It’s like a living art gallery! I love art and I want to look at it.:)


I love when people stare. I like to think of it as: 1) Fright from mothers that their child will turn into me ( a highly educated person that is an artist, a writer, has a 4.0 GPA and has never paid for school, a great friend, devote partner, traveler, entrepreneur, and a person that has NEVER has any difficulty finding a high paying job fully covered..they would be so lucky to have that child). 2) The older generation thinking I just got out of jail. 3) In a band! The last one is kind of a joke, but it happens we all know it. I loved working at the hospital and as a weight loss consultant because all of my patients were mostly in the older end of the spectrum. To be the kindest person they have met, to help them more than many regular people do really changes them and then they tell their husbands and friends and more and more people change their views of us. We are winning the battle and we will all be running the world soon!

Having tattoos makes me want to work harder in school and at work. And I am thankful for all of the modifications I have, they have made me into the strong person I am today!


If you’ve got it, flaunt it! ๐Ÿ˜€

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Bdubbs;59603 wrote:
Wondering what you guys/gals think? I could care less that people stare at me, but wondering what your thoughts are. Has anyone ever stopped you and asked you about them? Its obvious people have an instinct when someone is looking at them, seem to be getting this alot now at the gym.

For the same reason a person wears a descriptive shirt with say like a slogan or image on it – it’s a message – and the viewer is reading it, digesting it, etc, etc. That’s what I do. If you’re shirt has a message on it then there’s a chance I’ll take time to read that message.


Easy, because some people just like customizing things and if the bodys a temple then why not decorate it ^_^


i love tattoos and i will always look and talk to people about theirs but i have to say there are a LOT of terrible tattoos in my area so in all honesty a lot of the time i’m staring becuase its so god awful! lol (some of them are even on friends of mine and they’re so pleased… i cant help but say “yeh but it’s wonky, blurry and… i think it’s spelled wrong!” lol)

At the same time it was staring at other people’s tattoos that helped me find my artist so it was definitely an advantage in that respect ๐Ÿ™‚

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because they are scared of course :p


A look can easily turn into a stare. When I see a good large tatt, it is hard not to stare when taking in all the detail. Personally I dont mind people looking at my tattoos and happilly answer questions about them.


i will admit to staring, i don’t get stared at an awful lot unless im wearing a sleeveless top/dress as i have one tattoo at the top of my arm and one on each shoulder.

I’ve had a couple of touchy-feely people come up to me, once in a queue. I had just got my first tattoo done, and was standing in a queue. A woman starting saying “oooh that looks new” did it hurt? and then showing me hers.

More recently i was in a supermarket and another woman ran up to me and said “oh my god, look we have the same tattoo, i’ve never met anyone with the same tattoo” (white tree of gondor) it was actually quite nice. I’m quite shy when it comes to talking to other people, but i love talking to people about my ink and theirs. Its definatly an icebreaker ๐Ÿ™‚


I think that people are staring because they are curious and maybe they want to get too but afraid of pain? So they can only admired others tattoo?


I don’t really stare, but I do admire the work. If it’s a casual environment, I’ll ask a question to break the ice. I can immediately tell if the person is interested in chatting or if I’m a nuisance. Most often, they LOVE to chat about their ink. I’m prepping now to get my first sleeve, so I’ll be on the receiving end. I’m sure I’ll be one of those who would LOVE to chat about it.


I find myself staring at peoples’ ink at the gym quite a bit, but my thoughts are usually “that’s why I don’t get ink locally.” I have seen the occasional nice piece, but usually it’s pretty obvious that cost was the first thing on their mind when they got their ink done. Both my wife and I have literally had people come up to us and pull up our sleeves to see the rest of the tattoo that was poking out. While it’s nice to have people compliment my tats, I’m sometimes tempted to just say “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?!”


I, like many, stare out of curiosity. It’s interesting to see what other people have gotten. Personally I only have 1 tattoo that’s actually noticeably visible when wearing regular clothes and it’s an r2d2 on my inner left arm and I get tons of people asking me about it in a good way. Star wars fans love it lol, parents tell me their kids would really like it, people ask me if it hurt because of where it is or if I just got it (got it 2 yrs ago so that comment is really nice to hear lol).


I have moved to a nice gym in a well to do area of suburbia near where I work, lots of young guys and gals with ink………most of it ok at best, nothing collector quality to me………I am getting some stares I guess because I look like a 6 foot 2, 280 pound frankestein and have 240 hours. I have been asked in locker room on the floor and outside where my ink came from and congratulated on some pieces…………I will glance at your ink to get a look, but I dont stare, Im just trying to see if I like it

mrchen;106986 wrote:
I have moved to a nice gym in a well to do area of suburbia near where I work, lots of young guys and gals with ink………most of it ok at best, nothing collector quality to me.

You would think with all the great artists down there, you’d see more great ink. Many people seem to get tats just for the sake of saying they have tats. I’m definitely not a collector, but hell it’s going to be there forever so I’m only going to hit top-notch artists.

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