dude wash it good, pat dry and just use lubriderm non fragrance 3 times a day and your good to go, no ink lost healing is normal, puttin all sorts of oilments and shit doesnt let your tattoo breath in its early stages, u gotta let it breath so it heals naturally , just dont fuck with it, ive been doing this and never had any problems, ppl trip me out leaving the plastic on for weeks and shit lol…and i understand if u use A&D but that shit makes u break out


Just my 2 cents, my artist puts on plastic film and says keep it on for 4 hours, then take it off and give it a good wash, but do NOT put any cream on for 48hours, only wash it every couple of hours. The cream he recommends to me is bepanthene, it’s a nappy rash cream, and apply it 3 times a day with a very thin layer, what I keep forgetting to ask him is for how long should I use it, but I kinda use it for three or even four weeks just to keep the skin moisturized. What do people think of that aftercare. I have had 4 tats with that artist and im happy with the out come of the tattoo. BTW I have thick skin because I got a tattoo with a different tattoo artist recently(much to my regret) and he said that I have skin like a rhino, and I have never got a skin infection either.


with my new one i had it wrapped with cling film and been told to leave it on for an hour then wash it off with unscented soap like dove and use cold waterto rinse sopa off, pat it dry then apply bepanthen cream x

Dave Van

Wow, I guess everyone really does have their own theory on aftercare. I honestly came here because I have heard, read, and been told so many theories that I wanted to see what the people on a forum would say. Now, It’s more complicated than ever!
I think Hunter is right, you have to find out what works best for you, which is why I’m kind of glad that my first couple of tattoos, (same tat, different artists,) were kind of low rent. If I had payed a lot of money for my piece, then gone and screwed it up with inappropriate aftercare, I woulda been PISSED!
Anyway, thanks. If for nothing else, for helping me to understand that aftercare is never the same for any one person.

Ignorance should be painful.
Sherav;53607 wrote:
As everybody is different it is really down to them to find what what works best for them


I only have 2 tats and followed instructions from each artist to the letter. The first guy told me to scrub the heck out of the tat for the 2st cleaning, use Aquaphor for 48 hours and then switch to lotion and use that for 2 weeks. He said to leave it uncovered at night. This tat took quite some time to heal and I lost a lot of ink the first week.

For the 2nd tat, the instructions were similar but with a few deviations. I was told to gently wash the tat the 1st night, use Aquaphor for 72 hours and then switch to lotion and use that for another 10-14 days. I was instructed to loosely cover the tat w/ saran wrap for the first few days at bedtime. This way the tat could still breathe but it wouldn’t get rubbed on the sheets while it was still raw. This tat healed up very quickly despite being about 4x the size of the other one and I shed very minimal ink.

The 2nd one healed up so well and so quickly that I will probably stick to that method from here on out.


My artist also recommended this product as well. It’s actually called Bag Balm and can be found at your local pharmacy (Walgreens). It’s in a green (square) tin and as Vendetta indicated, it was developed for animals but works great on our skin (they have a story on their website). I will say this though, I’d preferred that the stuff had no smell at all and it certainly wasn’t made to attract the opposite sex. Just apply it, wrap it up and wash your hands really good and you’ll be all set.

[My .02]
After the ink was applied he quickly wrapped my arm in saran wrap. I went home, removed the saran wrap and washed the tattoo with dial anti-bacterial (pat dry with paper towels). Then I applied the Bag Balm ( a little goes a long way ) and loosely wrapped my arm (full half sleeve) in press-n-seal (again, artists recommendation). I noticed that the next morning I had very little loss of ink upon removal. The press-n-seal protected my clothes, bed and actually suppressed the sunburn feeling all together.

I repeated this process for the next couple of days – applying in the morning after my shower and in the evening just before crashing out. By day 3 I stopped using the press-n-seal and just applied the Bag Balm.

On day 5 I stopped using that all together and switched to Curel but noticed that it just couldn’t keep my arm moist enough (that itchy dry feeling) so I removed it and applied Burt Bee’s Body Butter (honey and shea). Been doing that since and my arm doesn’t itch at all and stays nice and moist. I’m on week two and my tattoo is all healed and I had no issues whatsoever.

vendetta-92;69463 wrote:
Udder balm, the stuff for milk cows. The artist I go to puts it on every one she does right after she cleans it out. Rub it on a dogs ears if theyre fly bitten too, it not only heals the wound, but deters the flies too. just an extra bit lol.

Why are some people rewrapping a fresh tattoo? Isn’t that going to overmoisturize and leave heavy scabbing?