For my aftercare, I’m using tattoo goo starting on the 3rd day and continue to use for 3 to 5 days (twice a day after gentle washing and on dry skin)
After that I switched to Aveeno Moisturizing Body lotion


I use a tattoo lotion for my after care.


Has anyone “dry healed” a tattoo? My artist said to do so so I only washed it with some soap and let it air dry. I feel like I fucked up and my tattoo is going to fade. I have two more and I always put aquaphor after the first wash but I didn’t think time and I’m so scared I’ll need a touch up and I’m embarrassed to even go back because I know how important aftercare is and I’ll feel like I offended the artist if it fades. Just all running through my head


hi, so I just got a amazing piece done on my calf nothing to big. hand sized to be in fact. and my place uses this bandage that is used for burn victims. and they say u can leave it on for as long as you need. but they ne