So many options/opinions when it comes to aftercare! It can be overwhelming!


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So many options/opinions when it comes to aftercare! It can be overwhelming!

Welcome to the forum!

Different options work for different people.

Keep us posted.


Yo creo que parte importante del postratamiento es el retoque, más que un sentido estético es de higiene salud, pues de esta forma se procura que además de que se vea lindo, lo mantienes higiénico.
Yo leí un artículo que especifica el por qué es importante retocarlo y me parece importante dentro del procedimiento que uno debe seguir para cuidar el tatuaje ¿qué opinan? :confused:

¿Por qué es necesario retocar tatuajes?


Creo que aquí nadie entiende el español, y el sistema de traducción se ha roto, por lo que no obtendrá buenas respuestas 🙂


Bepanthen (which is a nappy rash creme) is often recommended in the UK. I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on it’s effectiveness?
My last tat on my foot took forever to heal, im not sure if it was just because it was covered so much (no more foot tattoos in winter for me) or if the foot just takes a long time to heal.. I read that they can because the blood supply isn’t great. Would be interested to hear the thoughts of you experts 😉


I’m not an expert, but my foot tattoo was about an average healing. Trick is a minimal amount of ointment. However Saniderm, or Tatu-Derm, would be an excellent thing for your foot.


No. Just unscented soap (like Dial Gold).

Shanae Bennett

Hey I got my first tatt yesterday and I’m using triple antibiotic ointment. I bought that because it contains bacitracin and its what the artist recommended as a really important ingredient. Will this product affect the healing process of my tatt? I noticed u used A&D and was sort of against triple anti. plz let me know your opinion on this



Stay away from products that contain petroleum. A&D sucks!

(They’re tattoos by the way)


Hey guys, had this tattoo around a year ago, it was the start of my sleeve, I’ll post a picture of it below, I want to continue it but I’m really struggling for things to add to it, I know the generic Japanese dragon and koi carp go well with it, but it seems quite common, anyone have any ideas ? (The black line is a ‘wind bar’



Why are you posting this as a reply to an aftercare thread? Please create your own thread for this discussion.


I think the more important question is how are they posting with the same user name as me ?

He’s not. Your username and name are separate things. 🙂


fuck ! this POS forum works like crap ! anyway,THIS person has the same name as me ? NO ?


Just so i can set one thing straight. The previous forum didnt just magically pop out of the box to work as it did. It took years to get it to where it was. this site started in 2007 and wasnt good until about 2011 after hundreds of hours of work and testing. and even after that there were still problems like when the forum was down for ages last year because some asshat changed the way their plugin worked which killed every forum that was currently using it.

So exccuse me for wanting to move things forward but can we fucking leave it out for now and give productive feedback in the feedback thread.

this version of it will be just as good once i have completed the massive list of addons that i have planned for it. but for now this is how it works and how it looks.

To answer your question yes the display name is Dan for that user who’s username is Dan-jones

I am already considering if we should continue like this as while I thought it would be a nice addition to be able to control display names as you have pointed out the current display name vs real name could possibly be confusing the way it is set up.

I will probably change it to show the full username on the front end only.


Does anybody have some problems with color ink?? I’m planning to get really colorful tattoo <span class=”s1″>http://flowertattooideas.com/amazing-sleeve-sunflower-tattoos/</span>%5B/url%5D but I’m afraid because I heard that red ink sometimes causes an allergy or rash…And how to care it if I have such a problem???


I got this tattoo on January 13th, 2017 for Friday the 13th. I’ve gotten two other tattoos at this shop so I was not concerned about it being dirty or anything. But anyways I have no idea what is wrong with my tattoo or why it looks this way. My other two tattoos are blank ink only so could it be that the color doesn’t take with my skin? I’m looking for any advice on what I should do?
Thanks in advance!
p.s the first picture is from the day I got it and the second picture is from last night (Jan 30th)

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