I wasn’t allowed anyone in with me, just a heads up on that. My friend had to sit out in the main studio whilst I got mine done.

Also, mine didn’t really hurt. I think I was lucky, not that some people are wimps. Pain is subjective – I’m a bit of a hypochondriac and generally have a low pain threshold. In addition, I pass out after most injections. Like someone else said, that’s not a fear thing, my body just does some weird shut down/reboot thing. My tattooist was all prepared for that but I had no problem with the tattoo, possibly because the needle wasn’t intravenous so I didn’t have a blood pressure drop (I didn’t bleed at all). But the fact that some people do feel a lot of pain or pass out is just misfortune – not being a pansy. I agree with Shane.

In terms of advice – I ate a meal about 45 mins before and took a sugary drink with me. I didn’t need it during the tattoo (which in fairness only took 10-15 minutes) but I made sure I had some before leaving – just giving the body a chance to neutralise and recover a bit.

A high pain threshold doesn’t make you hard, it makes you lucky


If your preparing for a long session your better of eating something like peanut butter on wholemeal toast or porridge for slow release energy. I take sports energy drinks to keep hydrated and keep energy levels up. and a chocolate bar for a quick boost if i need it. positive mental attitude the most important thing tho.

Also If people pre-judge me because I have tattoos then I haven’t got time for them anyway.


It all depends on where at on your body your getting it. Ive gotten mine all over and so far the back of the wrist right above the palm area was like dragging a dull razor over and over the pelvic bone stung a little but the worst of all had to be the shin bone OMFG!!! that was the only time Ive ever come close to tapping out WOW!!!


Sorry apologies for double post


I am good mates with the guy who does my work anyway so i can just natter to him and his fiancee ( who is the piercer) for hours on end without too much of a problem.

How ever listening to music can definately work, it has for me in the past, or trying to think of something else, like how awesome the tattoo will look when it’s finished.

Sorry can’t think of anything else at the minute, will update my post if i do ๐Ÿ˜€


Seems like everyone thinks the shin hurts really bad. My shin actually was the least painful spot. perhaps its the years of shin splints and endurance sports. My legs are used to abuse.

Personally, anything near a tendon hurts really bad. Anywhere else, bones or not, doesn’t hurt.

but everyone is different


i remember going for one of my longest jobs 3 hours, and after about 2 i could have fell to sleep right there, all of a sudden like id been slotted one, i was so dazed, the tattooist sent his apprentice to the local shop for some coke and a couple of bars of choc, once i got that down my neck i was fine, id eaten and drank well b4 the tatt, but was so supprised how the tiredness just hit me……. but as for pain…bring it on all part n parcel….Mark


When sitting for my 4 hour session I thought it would hurt more. The outline wasn’t great in places and the shading was like a 4 out of 10 on the pain scale.
So my advice would be man up and get on with it as the results are worth a bit of discomfort.
I don’t see why anyone would need some sort of pain relief.

looney bin escapee

I was watching TV during all of my tatt sessions. I think because my brains, ears and eyes are distracted, I don’t feel a thing.

If anything, it was the itching that sucked the most about my tattoos. Although, the one on my left arm went from the day I was tattooed to completely healed in 6 days. Completely skipped the itching phase. Don’t know how it did that but I’m not complaining.

For the itching, I find a fly swatter works the best. Yes, I said a fly swatter.


The shin is not good;)
I must get my Artist to turn on the TV;)


Sexy Eyes

You were probably just a little nervous. Now that you know what to expect, it shouldn’t be so bad the next time……

looney bin escapee

I watch TV or a movie so my eyes ears and brains are engaged and distracted.


You can pretty much expect the same. The sweating may not be as bad as you get use to the process though.


For me getting tatted is more annoying than painful…
but if you want a new 1 then go for it…



i don’t like getting tattoos, but i don’t hate it either. every line what’s been inked is different, other parts hurt more than others. and the “pain” can change in a second.

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