tattman91;53400 wrote:
My better half doesnt want me to get any more but what she doesnt know is ill have a suit before my 30th birthday…

That’s my plan too, at least the top half anyway.


My tattoo is over two feet long, and I have never had a single negative comment on it. I’m an industrial bellydancer, so my tattoo is often visible to mass quantities of people, and I am usually complimented on the artwork as much as I am the dancing after my shows. No one has ever implied that I am ‘slutty’ because of a large piece of art on my back. Tattooing has changed. It’s not just for badasses and promiscuous people like I think it was once perceived to be.

I would be a tad concerned about being in a relationship where someone attempts to dictate what it is that I do, especially in a negative way rather than a diplomatic way.


It depends…
Tramp Stamps are sleazy.
Tribal arm bands and tats on the belly aren’t going to
age well.
Just my opinion….


I, for one, am one the fence. I think maybe it’s time for some of you ladies to post some photos of your sexy tattoos.



I love tattoos. They’re beautiful pieces of artwork that you’ll forever have on your body!
On some girls, tattoos do look slutty…but that’s just because of the way the girl presents herself and her terrible choice in the tattoo design (in my opinion)
I don’t understand why some people can’t just accept tattoos and accept people who want/have/love them.

P.s. Have fun with that rib piece. They hurt quite a bit.

CourtneyLS99;64304 wrote:
I love tattoos. They’re beautiful pieces of artwork that you’ll forever have on your body!
On some girls, tattoos do look slutty…but that’s just because of the way the girl presents herself and her terrible choice in the tattoo design (in my opinion)

well said I have friends who are covered and who comes across great and others that have a few and you just cringe and think yuk!

comes down to the individual!


yeh i think women with tats are hot too. each to their own i guess. but one thing i do hate. and thats being judged because of our tatoos. it annoys me so much that i created a facebook page for others to join. see sig for more info. but yeh i hate that. why do they judge us?


My bf told me if I cut my hair shorter than my sholders he would dump me……. so I got a pixie cut….. he LOVED it!!!!! I realize hair isn’t like tattoos BUT the point is…… your man should love you no matter what you do with your body (so long as you aint sellin it) or he SHOULDN’T be your man!

Much Love xoxo


It’s generally clean cut conservatives that stick their noses up at tattoos. I only have the one on my ribcage and I rarely show it off. People are afraid of what they don’t understand. We scare them.

I heard this tattoo artist, his studio in a mall, say that the new “tramp stamp” is the side panel piece for women. My comment was, “How does it have anything to DO with being a tramp if in most cases people cannot even SEE this piece???” Needless to say I was a bit offended by an ARTIST being so stereotypical and judgmental. So if even tattoo artists are stereotyping tattoo placement, how do you think people without tattoos are feeling?

Everyone has their own opinion. But I didn’t get ink to make someone else happy. It was purely for me. And that’s really all that matters.


Anyway, I was just curious. Anyone else get any irrational discrimination or generalizations because of their ink?
discrimination no, but I can cover up for work … I do get the *looks* when I’m in public but it’s mostly older people my age that are turned off by tattoos, unless they have them too. Just be careful about placement because of employment issues you may have in the future. Liz


I’ve been judged, bad mouthed, called names…. I could care less.

The only way I can cover mine are long sleeves and turtle necks (which I DO NOT own) and I BE DAMNED if I’m goin to hide my ink. I refuse to…

If you’re with someone that tries to control what you do with YOUR body, dump their ass…they don’t love you for the person you are and they never will


Amen, Blue


5-10yrs ago I would have never thought I would have two sleeves, but I do! And my wife have a rib piece and she will be getting the otherside done end of the summer. I think there sexy and cool on women. I’m very grateful that my wife accepts me for who I am and has zero problems with all my ink.

I agree with what some others said on here. Of course everyones going to like tattoos on this forum, thats what its all about. But I’m a car lover as well, mostly mustangs but anything fast in fun really. I’ve posted some pics of my tats so far, and I had some people say they look sweet, while others said what a waste of money, and why the hell would anyone do that crap? I don’t take it personally, most of them are probably chicken shits and panzies anyways. ๐Ÿ™‚


I generally think girls with tattoo’s are sexy.. :p, saw this on a facebook fanpage today, love it!



It’s your body and there is always a chance whatever guy/girl you are currently with won’t be around forever. Why base your decisions on them, especially with something that is yours?

My husband didn’t want me to get any tattoos. He had this image of a certain type of girl with them, and that they always would look horrible. He finally came across a cashier one day while grocery shopping who had the most amazing tattoos, I went with him the next time and pointed out how a female doesn’t have to look slutty with a well thought out and well done tattoo. I bought some magazines and showed him more examples as well as explained how I’ve always wanted one and I was going to do it since it was my body…but because he had to look at me each day, I wanted him involved and wanted him to like it.

Basically I forced him into helping me look at tattoo designs and CONSTANTLY sent him pics..then made an appointment, lol. By then he realized that a lot of tattoos can be amazing and he was okay with it.

Recently I told him I want a second one and am forcing him (again) into looking at pics so I can come up with an idea. The more I do that, the more involved he gets and more open he ends up being, lol. I’m glad he finally agreed, he would have been pissed if I had come home with them just out of the blue one day….but well…I would have eventually just come home with it, lol

Anyway…ultimately do what makes you happy.

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