I think the attitude towards women and tattoos have improved drastically. Like some of the other guys on here i find tattooed women attractive, however when i first started getting tattoos back in the 80’s i didnt find them as attractive because of the type of women that had them, or at least how society perceived them! Even men with tattoos back then were discriminated against, and i myself have been turned down for jobs because i have tattoos on my hands and neck. Today women form all walks of life have tattoos, and in fact more women are now going to tattoo artists than men! I believe tattoos have now become mainstream and because of this have become socially acceptable!


I have four tattoos. My fiance isn’t object to me getting more he just doesn’t want me covering myself. (which I don’t really want to do anyway) And for me the only people who judge me and my tattoos are the older slightly more conservative members of my family.Most of the people I work with have tattos and several of my friends do too. I’m not saying follow the crowd but you can see that it can be accepted.

I would wait if I were you to get another, at least a couple months. Maybe your man will get used to the one and change his mind 🙂 Hopefully he will see thats it’s something you are interested in and even go with you and get one himself!


omg! its your body!! do whatever you want to it. tattoos on girls are great! esp if you can get one that goes with the curves of your body. you know? if he loves you, he will love you for who you truly are (tattooed or not) get it, and he can deal with it.


yeah i’m jumping on the “it’s your body, do what you like with it” bandwagon.

i plan on being covered, head to toe. my boyfriend loves it because he plans to do the same, and like a lot of the guys in this forum, he thinks tattoos are sexy on girls.

i don’t get much discrimination because of me being a tattooed girl, i just get it because i’m tattooed. but i have had a good few people say things to me like, “oh why would a pretty girl like you do that to yourself for?” to which i reply, “well thank you for calling me ugly but i’m happy the way i am, thanks.” i have no time for rude people.

the only girls who look slutty and have tattoos are the girls who act slutty. whether she has tattoos or not, a slut is a slut, it just happens that sometimes she might have a tramp stamp or something, haha.

alyssaswoon;70487 wrote:
the only girls who look slutty and have tattoos are the girls who act slutty. whether she has tattoos or not, a slut is a slut, it just happens that sometimes she might have a tramp stamp or something, haha.

haha well said!


Girls with tattoos have reclaimed their body from society’s perceptions of what is ‘acceptably feminine.’

I think that kind of self determination is pretty hot, no?


A hot girl will be hot regardless, but she will look hotter with a tattoo, or multiple tattoos.

An ugly girl will look hotter with tattoos.

Therefore, I can draw the conclusion that tattoos make girls’ hotter.

BTW, I mean tattoos that aren’t your ‘typical girl’ tattoos either. A typical girl tattoo is a lower back tattoo, or something small on the ankle….and yes, they can be sexy too, but that’s not what I’m referring to in this response.

I’m referring to the girls that have tattoos in places that most girls wouldn’t get them, like on their arms, chest, back, ribcage, etc…. That shit is HOT!!!


Tattooed chicks are HOT!!! And they seem to get more acceptance in the business world then men do.


You can get slutty tattoos yeah, but it doesn’t sounds like the one’s you have are slutty at all.
I think decent tattoos on women are totally hot personally, not slutty.


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I think there is no such discrimination about the tattoos on girls. If your partner accuses you for being a slut to do a second tattoo, I must say you must think twice about your marriage. Secondly, it is your own body and how many and where you will want to tattoo totally depends upon you. If you want to do the exact tattoo that you have designed, I must say that you should go for it. Boys think the girls to be hotter if they do tattoos.

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