outlaw , you get your camera and i will get my heels and car washing stuff ready LOL 😀

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I’ll hold the bucket and sponge for ya butterfly 🙂

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I’m gonna go with the crows and say that there’s nothing better than an inked up woman…but, let’s be honest about this, what reaction do you expect on Tattoo Forums. We all love ink here–it’s what brings us together to talk about shit.

In my experience, I’ve known alot of guys who refuse to date women with tattoos on general principle. The young lady I’m talking to right now is interested in me, partially at least, because she’s heavily tattooed and I dig it. She tells me that alot of men have a serious issue with it. Another girl I dated years ago was dumped by her previous boyfriend after she had gotten a lower back tattoo.

And let’s face it, alot of assholes think chicks with ink are easy. Where do you think the expression “tramp stamp” came from?

On the flip side, guys who are heavily tattooed are assumed to be violent criminals.

The bottom line is that tattoos just aren’t socially acceptable, and if you’re going to choose to have them, you need to be aware of that and be prepared to deal with the fall out…and let’s be honest, it’s that hint of societal rebellion that gives inking part of its mystic.

On a personal note, fuck your boyfriend. He’s supposed to love you and support you no matter what, not hold you back from what you want.

Love. Peace. Metallica.


I had some problems with my ex-boyfriends about tattoos. I think that’s one of the reasons they are ex-boyfriends now 🙂 Allthou everytime i met someone i told them i have tattoos and are planning to get more, when it became reality they totally freaked out about the size, the actual desing and placement, fucking everything. So.. my boyfriend at the time is really great when it comes to me getting more ink. The only thing he has said is that don’t get tattoos on your face, but if there is a time that i want one on my forehead i don’t think he would dislike me.

It’s really silly to think that women with tattoos are any more slutty than a girl with no tattoos. It depends on the person not on the fact how many pictures she’s got on her skin.

My parents thought that too, that girls with alot of tattoos are either criminals or mentally ill or something stupid stuff like that, not anymore. The more ink i get the more they say things like “that’s really nice, i like that alot, man that’s cool, i didn’t think that’s even possible”, so your tactic with your fiance might just do it 🙂 On the other hand, i agree with alot of ppl who have replied to this threat that it’s your body, do what ever you wish with it.

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TaTToO_LoVer89;51626 wrote:
I’ve gotten the same response from my bf when I told him i wanted more tattoo’s in the future.. He say’s he does’nt want me to have a bunch of tattoo’s when I’m an older lady… We have been together for about 5 years, so I just told him that I’m me.. If i want tattoo’s you’ll have to love me and them =) I say that in the nicest way possible. I don’t feel tattoo’s are slutty.. more like an expression..

Hell ima be happy if i make it to 80. Having tattoos will just make it that much sweeter! :p


I’m just going to make this quick & simple. I like Tattoo’s, on woman too. I will give the old saying ‘It’s YOUR body, do what You want” but I also know that can be hard, if your fiancee dosen’t like them. It’s not always easy jsut to say , ‘I’ll do what I want’ sometimes. But Thank-God my wife let’s me do what I want with my body. She has Always been there to support me and I do know it means EVERYTHING to me that she does. Would I give her up for my body ink, VERY touch question. Luckily for me, I dont’ have to make that choice.
Im my opinion, I would say, GO FOR IT. Ink can be Extremely sexy on woman 😉



I have to agree the whole thing about tattoos and people prejudices is just irrational.

Speaking of which I was in a posh jewellery store and the girl serving me was very much the cold distant ‘can you afford to be in here’ personoa.

I said to her what tattoo do you have (a small dot was peeking out from her cuff). She said how did you notice? I advised I am a fraud investigator people interest me so it is habit.

Turns out she has over 20 tatts and a full backpiece and once she knew i was also a tatt enthusiast the whole situation became more relaxed.

I also got a discount on the earrings I was buying. 😀

If your fiance loves you then a bit of surface ink should not make any difference to the per