He had this image of a certain type of girl with them, and that they always would look horrible

LOL – I would love to see an image of what he envisioned? Some toothless granny with jail house ink maybe???


haha Yep. I guess he imagined I’d get one, start doing drugs, gain 500 pounds and then sleep with whatever guy walked by.

It’s kinda funny now and he loves my tattoo. I think if a guy is SO against it he isn’t willing to research it or even CONSIDER it…then he’s not worth it. If I want my ears pierced seven times…then so be it…they are my ears, lol. All relationships at one time or another will face a topic that one person hates and the other loves. It’s important to long-term relationship health to talk it through, figure out why everyone feels the way they do and try to learn more about the subject or find a compromise.

Triliaeris;65091 wrote:
haha Yep. I guess he imagined I’d get one, start doing drugs, gain 500 pounds and then sleep with whatever guy walked by.

LOL, shocking really what some people have been conditioned to equate tattooed women with!


i’ve got a friend who’s boyfriend says he’d break up with her if she got any tattoo, period.
i think it’s retarded.


That’s pretty harsh – for a giggle she should go get some of those authentic looking fake tattoos and plaster them all over herself – lolol

pawz;64877 wrote:
I generally think girls with tattoo’s are sexy.. :p, saw this on a facebook fanpage today, love it!


Pretty sure I’ve seen this tattoo more than a dozen times all over the internet.


tattoos are like a buffer. i am kind of shy and withdrawn so having them makes me feel confident. i would not want to work in an environment or a career where i am going to be judged or discriminated against for having tattoos (i am pursuing an arts degree) nor would i want to be in a relationship with someone who thinks that way, whether i was inked up or no. but on the flip side, i wouldn’t want to be objectified for having tattoos either. it’s a double edge sword and you just have to quit giving a shit.


The only thing hotter than a girl with a full sleeve is a girl with 2 full sleeves ๐Ÿ™‚

In fact i’m getting a tat on my left arm from shoulder to elbow of a pin up girl riding a bomb with a full sleeve (on her) ๐Ÿ™‚

It was inspired by this super hottie – she’s a beautiful woman and I soooo love how she chose to enhance her appearance



WOW! Alright, I’m now a lesbian!!
I’m also going to be getting a pin-up girl on my arm (haven’t decided which arm). But mine is going to be just wearing an apron, she’ll have a very mischievous expression and is going to be either holding a cake or standing next to a cake that is on a stand. I bake and decorate cakes and I LOVE pin-up girls.


I get called a biker…mostly because I wear a leather coat, but after the jacket comments theres always one douche who comments on me having a tattoo…real mature, assholes…:mad:

SaraRhiannon;66061 wrote:
I get called a biker…:mad:

Is that a bad thing then? Personally I don’t see why being called a biker is automatically a negative thing.

ArniVidar;66065 wrote:
Is that a bad thing then? Personally I don’t see why being called a biker is automatically a negative thing.

Its not negative but when someone means it as an insult and tries to put you down for it, then it becomes negative.
I understand the assumption though, I wish I were a biker LOL i couldnt pull off all the leather though.


He sounds like a dick for saying girls look slutty with tattoo’s [no offence], do with yourself what you want to do, its your body not his, maybe you want to keep him happy, thats all well and good but if you want it he should be happy FOR you. Thats my philosophy anyways =]

Look forward to seeing it,


Go for it! Who cares what anyone else thinks, If it makes you happy that’s all that matters. I have a full back piece in progress that is all black…IE- you can see it through light colored shirts. I get compliments and negative remarks all the time. I take the compliments and give a F U look to the people that have something negative to say. In the end it is YOUR body do with it how you want.


very cool!

What kind of negative remarks do you get? stuff Like “are you married?”

There is a black girl at my work who has dyed red hair (like pinky / punk red, not like Ginger Kids red)

Anyways this black man and woman came in (some form of building inspectors) were perfectly civil to everyone else and the guy went up to her and goes “Are you a mother?”

Implying something like “there is no way you would be a mother with hair like that

Some people are just jackass’s whatever way you slice it

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