I have always quite wanted some text tattooing but up to now i cant think of any particular wording that i find important enough to have tattooed onto me.


I think because these days tattoo is seen as art on the body, and text isent really art.

But i have text on my knuckles hehe


I have a text tattoo.

It is simple and I don’t think of it as a masterpiece of art.

I adore tattoos and love seeing the more detailed works that others have.

When I get a non text tattoo I will be extremely careful where I go because I will want a very skilled tattooist who can complete very detailed tattoos.

My text tattoo isn’t the most interesting or best tattoo but it is meaningful to me.

I like small text, paragraph text, tiny outline tattoos (eg. A star), huge back pieces, sleaves etc.

I will be getting tattoos that are meaningful but also others that don’t have much meaning.

I have no problem with people getting any types of tattoos since it is their choice.
Who are we to judge?


I would rather see the art of a beautiful tattoo that can express a 1,000 words, than to see text that covers the canvas for additional art.


I was interested in this thread because I am thinking about getting some text tattooed on my ribs. It sort of ties into the meaning of the tattoo that I already have on my left side but it is long, it’s 12 words. I don’t see anything wrong with text tattoos, I think it’s more unappealing when people have random tattoos all over that don’t seem to have any connection at all, like stickers. If you’re getting more than one tattoo you really should figure out a way to make them look good together so you don’t look like a kid who got a bunch of fake tattoos out of a vending machine at the grocery store.


My text tattoo I’m thinking about doing is simply “VEGGIES” across my lower abdomen like below my abs in either a thick black bold font with a peice of broccoli on one side and a red bell pepper on the other or designing vegtables to spell VEGGIES. Not sure yet but its funny and I’m a vegitarian and its good motivation to keep that up and not grow a big gut haha.


I don’t have anything against text tattoos, I am considering getting one/two (one that’s mostly text, another that has text in it but is a bigger piece). I have a friend who only has text tattoos though. Roman numerals, letters, and a phrase, and now wants ANOTHER phrase, all on her back in different fonts. Really, really not looking that great. I think they can look good when text is used sparingly on the body, with good font and usually I like it when other imagery is incorporated or its part of a larger piece. Conversely, I also have seen super simple one word tattoos in a ultra simple serif typewritery looking font that I haven’t hated. I wouldn’t really say those are spectacular tattoos by any means though. Cute maybe. However I definitely prefer tattoos with text that area little more creative and “different”.


Above post reminds me of a conversation I had with my friend and some other people while we were waiting to get into a concert. We were discussing text tattoos and this guy said he wouldn’t get lyrics tattooed on him because if he started he wouldn’t be able to stop and he’d look like a high school notebook. lol


I personally don’t like the idea of text tattoos and don’t think I would ever get one. But what someone decides to do to their own body is not up to me. My husband on the other hand has a Gaelic phrase on his back. The phrase amuses me, but it’s not my favorite tattoo. However, I’m not going to tell him he can’t get something if that’s what he truly wants.


I think my tattoo might be lyrics from a song that I really like

For example ‘Even Flow’ (Pearl Jam) might look good on my chest

Or even a tribute to the late Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrel and have a quote or a line of lyrics below a crest of his guitars or something

One thing I cannot stand is the ‘Mom + Dad’ or when people have names on them. Yeah its nice they’ve put it on their body for life but atleast come up with something new

Dew;86862 wrote:
One thing I cannot stand is the ‘Mom + Dad’ or when people have names on them. Yeah its nice they’ve put it on their body for life but at least come up with something new

What, you want them to invent new names for themselves and their family members?


text tattoos can be very meaningful if they are well thought out. Sometimes there are just things you can’t convey with just a picture. My personal fav is a song lyric that was tattooed across the fore arms that connected when buddy put his arms together in front of him.

ArniVidar;86876 wrote:
What, you want them to invent new names for themselves and their family members?

Haha, my sister calls her baby ‘Bubba’ does that count?


A text tattoo may not be art – but the same goes for image tattoos. Tattooing is not artistry in itself, it is a trade and may or may not be art, depending on factors such as:

– The uniqueness of the idea
– The intent of the creator
– The effect on the viewer
– The craftmanship

If you know the slightest thing about art, you would not hesitate to acknowledge that words may be art.

Most of you tattooed boys and girls out there are not wearing art, wether it be images or words. Recycled ideas, copied images, poor craftmanship. There is a serious lack of imagination and individuality out there. A koi fish? A phoenix? Stars? Starsign? Really? Well, if you want to show the world how incapable you are of being a non-conforming individual, then please, go ahead. The most important thing is that you’re happy. But don’t try to convince me that your ink is art. If, on the other hand, you readily admit that it’s not, then we’re cool.


Got some lettering along my knucles, not sure weather ill get anymore yet more concentrating on my neck piece, chest piece and my full sleeve 🙂

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