i noticed a shop in nottingham that only employes people with tattoos and funky hair 😀
they all over the uk too i think , cfx or something ??

Just TaNa the BuTtErFlY Girl



In Australia where I live, you’re probably more likely to get a job in a fashion store if you have tattoos. Not a formal wear shop, but something aimed at younger people.

I’ve got something called a Tatjacket, it’s a flesh coloured piece of nylon stuff (like a stocking) that covers up your tatts pretty well. I’ve got a job interview Monday, if they don’t employ me ‘cos of my ink I’ll be pretty pissed.
The job I’ve got at the moment I wear long sleeves for, considering that about 90% of customers are grumpy old people.


I had some job interviews last year and covered up my visible tattoos, at one interview the person doing the interview had visible tats and so did several of their employees. I got the job and regularly wear tee shirts that show off my ink, even my boss has complimented me on them! My daughter now has a job there too and shows off her ink as well.

Last week i was talking to a girl on the checkouts in Asda, she had a full sleeve of which the bottom was just showing below her cuff, she said that it was the worst thing she had ever done and regrets it every day, she felt that having a full sleeve had limited her choice of job. She said that she never wears really feminine clothes and always covers up, even on holiday, won’t wear a swimming costume or sleevless tops. I thought it was such a shame that she felt that way, she must have put quite a lot of thought into having the sleeve done too.

Morwin Nerdbane

I think the discrimination is terrible to be honest. As long as you don’t have ‘Fuck’ on your chin I don’t see the problem.

The world we live in is a world of fear, people think badly of people with tattoos because we look ‘aggressive’ thus we create fear in folk. However there are people who think every Muslim is a terrorist or every black person is a gang banger and before people start an uproar about how race isn’t a choice and tattoos are, my only point is how are we supposed to break these stereotypes if nobody gives us the opportunity to?

The human race is pathetic and far too concerned with political correctness.

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I work at a bank…enough said

ha ha, me too! no more white blouses …

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I agree, the only reason i wanted the job there is because of the girls that come through lol. The mall its in is a very very busy mall located by an airport in tampa florida.

Wait the huge mall in Brandon?

MrSultan531;64612 wrote:
Wait the huge mall in Brandon?

No Its called International Plaza. The huge mall in brandon is the westfield mall.


I initally thought the Ame