My boss made me cover my tatoos with plasters. They r on my wrists an down my arm. Ive worked there 12 years so she couldn’t really sack me.

But a customer asked her what was wrong with my arms like I had the plague or something haha.
After that she let me just she then off but bitches at me ever chance she gets.
She got me a long sleeved uniform but again I stuck out like I was a manager or something so again she took that off me.

I’m a hair an beauty therapist. Tatoos r part of beuaty 2 me.

Pluss she hires upstairs out to a tatoo Parler she don’t complaine when they paying her rent.
My boss is just a cow though haha.


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I once applied to a movie theater and was discriminated against.

you don’t have any tattoos!


yea haha. i was just responding to general discrimination 🙂


Ive had a mixed background lot of jobs, Ive been a bar maid, waitress, clerk even been a wedding planner. And they have have their own degree of discrimination I think.

As far as tattoos go, mine are fairly new and my current job well it’s a call center and they don’t give a fuck. But the amount of jobs I have been declined and fired from due to my piercings is unbelievable. When I was 17 I had my labret and snake bites done, went for a job in a call center and I was interviewed by a fossil of a woman and she denied me a place in the call center, even though I scored the highest for the week on the aptitude tests and typing tests, on the fact that she could hear the metal clanging against my teeth, which isn’t even possible unless I make it hit against them.
at one time I have had 11 piercings in my face I was unemployed for about 2 years and I had no idea why, my cv was solid my work ethics good. Then I realized it was the piercings. My 1st job out of leaving school I had my lip pierced and was told to take it out everyday, even though there was a woman who had her nose pierced. I ask my boss why she was okay to keep her in and I not, and her reply was, because it’s more esthetically pleasing and not reminiscent of thugs. We did not get on well after this.

There was a big thing in the UK a few months back where one of our leading music stores HMV was changing it’s policies on tattoo’s and piercing was anyone on here caught up in that? I’d like to see how it’s effected folk. I worked there years ago, was great! That and Gamestation have been the number 1 place where people have really been able to be themselves when working that I have worked, save from the tattoo parlor obviously.


Had a meeting with my boss about a week ago regarding visible tattoos in our work place. They will be bringing it up in the next managers meeting for our campus to see if it’s something they will allow or if I will have to wear long sleeves when I go below the elbow. I went in to ask about their policy since there is really nothing defined in the handbook regarding tattoos. It simply states professional appearance. I told him as a courtesy I was letting him know I would be getting tattoos on the forearms in the near future and would like to know if I would have to wear long sleeves or not. He seemed pretty open minded about it so hopefully all will go well.

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I hope things go well.

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I work at a restaurant/gas station and they state I can not have any visible tattoo. If any of you know it its called sheetz.