July 1st Tattoo News:

It’s that time of the week again where we share with you the highs, the lows and the damn right cool from this week in the tattoo world. With it being the start of the month and summer finally arriving what does the news this week have in store for us.

The Girl With The Meal Deal Tattoo:

Most of know and love the Tesco Meal Deal which is £3 for a drink, a sandwich/wrap and a snack which is pretty good going. But Lizzie decided to take that love a step further by declaring her love for the chicken wrap meal deal by getting it tattooed on her leg. The tattoo itself is actually really good, sadly Tesco didn’t give Lizzie a year (or lifetime) supply of meal deals, however, they did send her box of chocolate and crisps. Better than nothing, right?

Image source: Caters News.

A new exhibition which shows off tattoos, with a difference:

In the Melbourne immigration museum, a variety of mixed media exhibits have opened up. This includes a very special collection called: Our Bodies, Our Voices, Our Marks. Which shares some of the most amazing pieces of ink from around the globe who tell a story. The pieces look magical and to find out more about the exhibition and the project behind it, check out the Immigration Museum site.

Tattoo Fanatic Undergoes Eyeball Tattooing:

Amber Luke who is hoping to cover her entire body in tattoos by March 2020 has already had some quite serious body modifications which a lot of people can’t seem to get their head around. Including a split tongue, but more recently Amber went a step further and got her eyeballs tattooed (ouch!) which took around 40 minutes and left her unable to see for 3 weeks whilst they healed. Amber loves the finished product though and advises her tattoos have given her more confidence.

From a lover of the Meal Deal to a girl who wants to marry Lewis Capaldi so much, she sends him an Instagram message every day telling him so and yesterday she took to Twitter to show her latest tattoo.

Lover of Lewis Capaldi had his face tattooed on her:

Lewis Capaldi, love or hate him he’s a funny guy and takes everything on the chin if you didn’t see his Glasto performance you’re missing out. Milly Moore who is a superfan of Capaldi decided to get a very special tattoo of Lewis, which he then later retweeted too! Despite the amount of hate Milly has gotten over her tattoo so far she’s made up with her new ink.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks tattoo news and if you have any interesting tattoo stories to share with us, feel free to get in touch. We’d love to hear them.