I posted the thread actually because CornishTiger suggested I do so to get some second opinions, they’ve all been very helpful and I appreciate it a lot.

I agree, it wasn’t the artist or the shops fault…there a great shop with excellent artists and thats why i chose them. I made a mistake and it turned out very badly. I think i should probly go down the laser route and then in a year i’l review it. Are there any artists who specialise in Old school Americana that you’d recommend for this kind of cover up?

again. thanks a lot to everyone for the honest words.



Check out the london tattoo convention. Best convention in the world.


What do you think of this guys work? it looks very dark so might be conducive to the kind of cover up i’d need. Do some artists not like to do cover ups?




Cover-ups are a special breed of tattooing, and there’s no guarantee that a tattooist can even do it properly, even though he can tattoo properly. You should keep that in mind.


Ok, so how can i find an artist that is suited to cover ups? I mean are there artists who specialise?


Yes. Some artists, like Tim Pangburn for instance, specialize in coverups. But if you look through your artist’s portfolio and see many successful (successful meaning that the tattoo underneath is skillfully hidden or eradicated) then you’re in luck. If there are no coverups in the portfolio, or if they just don’t look good, you don’t choose them IMO 🙂


Hey James.
I still stick to me original comments to you.
I am a big fan of Noon and to be honest if I had know he was at he Family Business right now I would have been up there like a shot! If I could cut that work off of you and stick it on me I would have it in a heartbeat.
Bit of colour dabbed on and bingo you have a prize winner!
The picture you have posted does the piece no justice at all I am sure the one you emailed me was better.
Anyhow the important thing is that you dont love it.
Hit the laser hard and get it lightened forget a coverup right now just stay healthy and get as much of it out as you can.
research you next artist a lot, as you want several smaller pieces rather than 1 big piece maybe look at more than one artists.
Your artist will tell you when you have removed enough tattoo and so long as you have picked a good honest person they will give you the piece you want!
Good luck with this James I deal with people every day who hate their ink and I am lucky enough to see them through to happy again, it is possible with patience and perseverance.


I thought this section of the forum was for tattoo REMOVAL, not tattoo COVER-UPS.


I know this is old but I have a similar experience although mine has turned out not well so maybe you can learn from my mistake. I had a black gray half sleeve done on my lower arm as soon as I turned 18. I was young and rushing to cover ugly scars on my arm from an accident. I thought I picked a good artist and maybe it was just my concept that sucked but either way the tattoo was horrible. I started removal about 3 months after getting it which was probably too soon to be effective but anyways, I had 8 sessions completed. The tattoo faded significantly but was still visible and since I still love tattoos and wanted the scars covered, I decided to cover it. This time I really did the research, I was on an 8 month wait list for the artist. I did a full sleeve and since black and gray did so bad for me the first time, I wanted color. The top turned out great but the bottom didn’t. So my input is that it sucks to want a tattoo removed, it is one of the most degrading, embarrassing, and horrible feelings to want a tattoo cover of a removed tattoo, removed. At 10 sessions you should expect a black tattoo (easy to remove) to be nearly gone and also cost up to 3000.00

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