Not sure if this is the right place or weather i will get sh!t for posting this but oh well if i dont trie ill never know.

Just abit of info first at the moment i have hands with rosary beads at the top of my arm and “familly” on the back off my for arm, also “mom” and “dad” on my wrists.

Basicly i want to get a full sleeve eventually but im just working on it, reasons for my tattoos “mom+dad+family” tattoos bit obvious w hy ive got them they mean the world to me and had it to represent the love. The hands with rosary beads saying “only god can judge me” I used to get bullied at school and various other things have happened and its only since ive started to grow up ive realised not to care what anyone else thinks nobody can judge me.

Like i said im thinking about a half sleeve eventually to get a full sleeve, i really like boog’s stuff but i think they are a bit too gangster for me (im not in a gang, i dont own a gun ect.).

Im thinking about having the clown faces saying “smile now, cry later” on the inside of my bicep or or the inside of my forearm.

I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas of the same type of artist i cant look at or some other ideas to fill in the gap between my hands preying and my elbow its about 4″/5″ high. Inbetween i want to have smoke and clouds.

Cheers in advance


Post pictures of your current work.


They are my current ones both on the same arm


Where are you at and how far are you willing to travel?


Well, can’t really give you any tips on artists, as I don’t know where you live etc.
But, you can check out the tattoo flash-book called “From the streets with love”, I think. It’s a bit of gangster-art, but it has a lot of really cool stuff, including smile now cry later faces, and similar work as what you already have.
Think you could get some pretty awesome inspiration from it 🙂


I met boog at the tattoo convention in san angelo last month. Super nice guy. He said he moved to Oklahoma recently and just got over an illness. He lost tons of weight. He did a piece on my friend and that thing is on point. His black and grey work is amazing. Goodluck.



I live in birmingham, uk to be honest i would travel anywere in england just want to have alook for some inspiration first

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I’m conducting a study on the communicative value of tattoos. This study will ultimately pertain to my thesis for grad school. If you could please take the time to fill out this survey by February 19th it would be greatly appreciated. If you do not have a tattoo and know someone who does, please send that individual the link. The first link provided is the consent form, which is separate from the actual survey. The second link is the survey. It will remain completely anonymous. Thank you so much for your time.

-Amy Martinkosky



Is this wearing thin on anyone else?

goldengraemes;81477 wrote:
Is this wearing thin on anyone else?

Yes it is, also posted on another forum.

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