hi, i’ve been frequenting this forum for the longest time now and finally found some lazy time to sign-up and post something…

just wanted to share with you guys my misery. 🙁
i don’t know why, but I love tattoos! and as the title says, no matter how much I want to get one, i can’t…

why? ‘coz my wife won’t let me… *sigh*
i know, i know, please don’t give me any ‘it’s your body, do it for yourself, what does she care’ speech… ‘coz she is actually not that out of reason at all…
i work in finance for a big MNC and people would definitely shun the sight (or even thought!)
plus i come (and she does too) from a very conservative family…
plus she thinks i’m too ‘clean-looking’ and not look good with one…

i tried to put it in my ‘gifts wish list’ last Christmas but she totally ignored it! 🙁
i even had my mind made-up on what to get hehe… a tribal sun and armband on both arms… but I guess I’m stuck at just admiring others’ i should say…

i did manage to get her to allow me to pierce my ears! (different and long story — but yay anyway!)… so maybe there’s hope…
anyway too many random thoughts already…

I just want to thank all those who post in this forum ‘coz I must say i’ve learned quite a lot already from just reading the posts and looking at the pics… someday it will happen!

keep rockin’ guys! (and gals!)


well-begun is half-done!

Why is she out of kitchen anyway?
I suggest you shorten her lead so doesn’t have enough slack to reach the living room to boss you around.

If it’s not obvious, I AM joking.

There’s not much we can help with in the wife department, you already know what advice we’d give 😉
I can’t sympathize with the job, ‘cos at the end of the day, it’s your choice and your body, no one else’s (even if they like to think it is).
It’s your life, so live it the way you want to. Don’t be bossed around.


I work in a seriously stuffy/judgmental industry so far as tattoos go – I’m a lawyer – and having any visible tattoos while I’m working would be a serious issue. However, I’ve got 2 pretty large shoulder caps which, unless my boss comes with me to the gym:eek:, I can always cover, even with T-shirts. To be honest, I’m always surprised how may people come out and admit having tattoos when I tell them I’ve got some.

As for the wife, I’m not sure what to advise there. Why not get a fake one put on in the area you’d like one, surprise her with it and gage her reaction. She might see it and decide she likes it…or she might hit you, but, on the plus side, that it likely to be less painful than getting a tattoo done!! 😀


I’m keeping my mouth shut on the wife issue… b/c I would only be mean.

Do what you gotta do in order for YOU to be happy


Your wife should support you in every decision you make. People really need to get over the fact that tattoos change you, whit or without you’ll be the same person. It’s just bodyart.

"What am i to do with all this silence?"

Soooo you can have pierced ears in your job, but a nonvisible tattoo is not allowed???? WTF


Dude, your wife is a total cunt.

Just sayin.

Love. Peace. Metallica.