Finished! Kind of…my artist pointed out with one side of the ankle done it looks a little lopsided and I agree, so going back this month to get some camera film added to the other side of my ankle, and I plan to eventually take this up my entire leg. So if anyone is interested in the somewhat finished product:



Gorgeous! Also, there’s nothing wrong with being a crazy cat lady. I should know. 😉


That’s pretty awesome!


as a cat lover and marylander I have to say I understand your love for the felines and what you are going for with this piece, the only complaint I would have is it doesnt look like it was done by the same person in the same style and I think that takes away from it a bit,

your half sleeve is much nicer looking work

DragunRose;106774 wrote:
I understand getting four cat portraits is certainly not something a lot of people would do, but cats have been and are a very big part of my life and I’m very proudly displaying that.

Good for you. I have 3 tats and all 3 are GSD (German Shepherd Dog) related. I didn’t plan it this way; it just sort of happened. Sure, some people think I’m nuts but many people already thought my wife and I were nuts for having 5 GSDs. 🙂


Thanks GrayCatLove and horsegirl 🙂

mrchen, thanks for the picture comment on my half sleeve, actually getting just a tad bit more work on that when I go in this month. Unfortunately my leg does have work of several different people, the cherub and knot where there already so my artist did what she could to incorporate it into the piece, wish she could have started with a clean slate, but I think she did a good job with what she had to work with. Not sure if that is what you are referring to, or something else.

Wow, 5 german shepards D3FIANC3, they are awesome dogs and it is pretty cool that you have 3 tattoos related to them. Cats are my favorite animal, but I’m an animal lover all around, if it wasn’t for living in a condo and already having cats I would love to have a dog.

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