I got a tattoo… I like the idea of it, but the artist messed it up. As she was going, her lines disappeared as she was going from all the wiping and stuff, so it really looks like I have bacon tattooed on my arm. I don’t think it’s terrible, but I know it can be improved some. I know there is a way to fix it, but I have no imagination. Could you guys help me out? Thanks

BTW, I told her give me a unique flag, something you have never done before. It looked good on paper, but the red lines were supposed to wrap all the way around. If I remember correctly, the blue was supposed to wrap around my arm a little more than it does. Anyway, what can I do to fix it? I know it can be fixed, but like I said, I’m terrible at imagination. Here is a picture, see if you can help me out. Thank you.




I can’t tell much about the specific quality of the work in that photo, but I can see enough to know that you need to find a much better artist. The artist didn’t really put any effort or thought into the design.


Did the artist run out of white ink?


Is anyone else seeing the republican elephant there? lol

Sorry to hear about your bad experience…. try going to a more reputable artist who has work that you really enjoy and see if the artist has any ideas…that’s probably the best place to start since each artist has their own style…


That is possibly the worst bacon tattoo I have ever seen. Next time search out a proper artist for your tattoo, one that knows what bacon should look like.

Here is a proper bacon tattoo.


@StandardIssue 101981 wrote:

Is anyone else seeing the republican elephant there? lol

That’s the first thing I thought of, too!


Yeah. low quality unimaginitive tattoo. Sorry about that bro. I think a lot can be done with it though…. find a creative artist and slam her on yelp or something…. do better research is the learning point. But it isn’t a tattoo bomb… just consider it part one of a multiple part tattoo session


no doubt the elephant, wow that sucks, but fear not alot can be done with it, not alot of black lines, lots of open space, a good artist can make t his a real nice piece


Totally unimaginative effort by the tattoo artist. No thought whatsoever. Just solid blue with stars and half-assed stripes that barely resemble anything but bacon. Because it’s so blah in creativity and just solid ink that lacks any kind of shading, it can defiantly be worked on to give it more character. Go to a different artist that specializes in style and it can be totally transformed. It reminds me of the Elephant of the Republican party as well, first initial look-see.


it looks like a sized down version of what it was supposed to look like. it would look good if the blue covered your entire shoulder, rather than being sized down. likewise with the stripes wrapping around your arm as you mentioned.


The tattoo looks good to me. I think this is a case where you simply didn’t know what you wanted, gave the artist your EXACT description, and now are having a case of buyer’s remorse due to your bad decision. My tattoo artist says this happens all the time. I chose my idea and am very happy with it, but if it went wrong it would be MY fault, not the artist.


i think a decent artist would have refused to do something like this tbh, really good artists would have a vision and go with it tbh so i think its just as much the artists responsibility to let you know when a tattoo is gonna look messed up :S


i like bacon


You should get eggs tattooed next to it!

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