Stars looks iffy, not all even obviously there are no promises that they are going to be completely even but the one on the top left is messy. I would still say if you would like to make the red stripes go around your whole arm. I would research before you go to a certain shop. You get what you pay for.

SpideyFan;105185 wrote:
The tattoo looks good to me. I think this is a case where you simply didn’t know what you wanted, gave the artist your EXACT description, and now are having a case of buyer’s remorse due to your bad decision. My tattoo artist says this happens all the time. I chose my idea and am very happy with it, but if it went wrong it would be MY fault, not the artist.

his concept doesn’t seem too complex or hard to execute on; while buyer’s remorse is absolutely possible, I don’t see it here.

It’s interesting that your artist says this happens ALL THE TIME ….. may we please see some pics of YOUR ink? My curiosity is peaking because you think his tattoo looks good. (maybe start it on a new thread as to not hijack this one?)


we’ve seen the pic of his tattoo… i can understand why his artist says lots of people complain, its terrible! lol


Damn bro, I hope you find a better tattoo artist and get it fixed. It’s not TOO bad, fixable

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