buttwheat;89732 wrote:
Some people deserve the ink they get.

buttweat is exactly right you will regret that tribal in a few months.

I regret mine which wasn’t done properly.

I got it done by a so called “retired tattoo artist” in he’s garage. NEVER AGAIN.

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josh6113;89687 wrote:
Yea a friend is doing this work…things need touched up for sure but thanks for the reply….:-) ….the work was done at home not a shop

And you can tell.

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Kaleoz;89728 wrote:
The tribal can be easily cleaned up. It’s only black lines. I’ve seen some incredible cover-ups and addition work to existing tribal.

You should tell your friend to go see the local butcher and get some pig skins. They are cheap, and great for practice. I was doing about 30 – 40 hours a week on pig skin and was able to get those practice hours up before I permanently marked anyone.

On the flip side, I’ve see a lot of horrible tats come out of studios.

Thanks, Kaleoz! I have never heard of working on pigskin! I can get plenty of that here in Illinois! lol! Great advice!

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