Thanks for your advice. Yes, I’ll go see a doctor as soon as I can. For now, it’s stable and doesn’t kill. Today for example, there is no pain at all! 😀 So like I said, is not there aaaall the time. But i know, 6 months is too much.
And yes, I have always been veery sporty so it’s not because workout is new.
Thank you again!

@turbosatan 144157 wrote:

I would get to a doctor and get professional advice

if your muscle is hurting under a tattoo after 6 months i would be a bit more concerned than maybe a few weeks

could be some sort of reaction or any other number of things.

But get yourself booked in to discuss it as it might be some simple excerices could fix it

did you work out at all before? or do you not work out at all which is why it is noticeable?


I don’t know if you’re still active, I’m experiencing this also. Did it go away after a while?

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