So, I’ve got an appointment in November for a tattoo. I’m getting it on my right shoulder, and it’ll probably run about halfway down my back. I’m not so much worried about the shoulder straps, I can wear a strapless bra or where the straps halter-style. It’s more the backstrap I’m worried about. I work at a retail store and our uniform includes a rather thin shirt, so I NEED to wear a bra. So I’m wondering if there’s any way I can keep the backstrap from ruining my tattoo while it heals. I’ve been considering either wrapping the bra itself in really soft gauze, or bandaging that part of the tattoo while at work… but I’m not sure that’d help…

Anyone have any suggestions/experience with this problem?


I’ve seen a lot of weird bras at certain stores, like, ones where the cups are just free floating and stick to your boobs or little nipple covers so you can’t see nipple through the shirt. These may work depending on the size of your boobs. Also, there are the low back strap bra things, so if you turn the bra into a halter and get the low back strap, which you can stick on any bra.
^ that sort of style… if that’s low enough in the back for the tattoo.

If not, one of my tattoos is right where my shoulder strap is and my boobs weigh 3,000 pounds each and at that time I was considerably heavier so even though I tried to wear it as little as possible, it’s kindof hard for me to go braless. I wore it over a T shirt until it flaked. I was more concerned about possibly rubbing the skin or pulling of flakes/pulling out scabs than I was about just being there, although having unnecessary clothing smushed on a tattoo isn’t good either. I don’t see that it had any effect on the tattoo. It was painful though.

HalfInsane;87576 wrote:
so I NEED to wear a bra.



I would get one of those stick on bras (Victoria’s Secret has them and I think Target does too) and keep a roll of double sided tape close at hand for an potential emergencies.


How about a tank top as an under shirt? Either that or use your vacation/sick days while you heal.


I would just wrap the backstrap in saran wrap to keep it from rubbing. I don’t wear a bra so I have no idea how well that would really work, but it’s worth a shot imho. I wrapped my arm very loosely in saran wrap before bed the first few nights to keep it from rubbing on the sheets, which worked well to keep the shedding and irritation down.


The only option you have is to go without a bra, that’s actually the best option for all the ladies. But on a serious note you can wear your normal bra just hook it loose as possible and get a couple of dry-loc pads from the artist to put under the strap for the first 5-6 days and make sure to be a little more liberal with the ointment in that spot. But really, let ’em loose and make it a beautiful world.


i got a tattoo in february quite high up on my ribs where my bra was rubbing against it so i had the same problem. i bought one of those bras that you just stick on that have no straps but tbh it was the most uncomfortable thing ever and it kept un-sticking. i just went without a bra as much as possible but when i went to work i tried to tighten the straps on the shoulders so that that bit at the back was futher up my back.

for the first few days i covered it so that if it DID rub at any point it wouldnt get infected or anything. and i just wrapped a soft fabric round the strap at the back and put the bra on as on the loosest clasp. i lost a bit of weight and still had my old bra which was a wee bit wider so i used that for the first few days too just so it was as loose as possible. after it had scabbed over i just made sure i had plenty lotion on without making it so much that it wouldnt be able to breathe and wrapped the soft fabric round it til it healed.

sorry for such a long reply but hope it helps! its a bit of a hassle but its totally worth it!


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Women, who are planning on getting a tattoo on their shoulder and back, must not wear bra for at least few weeks as the straps can unnecessarily complicate healing process, increasing both pain as well as inflammation. Now if you have a big bosom, try purchasing strapless lingerie readily available in market, or put on loose outfits only.

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