Cornishtiger;81046 wrote:
Your the one who chose the user name LoverKevinn. I wonder is the name that got you through prison?
You seem pretty hung up on the giving up of manhood?
You laid your life out there made your choices clear. You never asked about anyone else you have no idea who I am or where I have been in my life so dont pass jugment on me.
Pay your dues to the victims of your crimes and get the fuck out from my face you get me my homie!
Oh and good luck with your tattoo problem I hope you get the help you deserve and the solution that suits the person you are.

hahah ask your mom, sister, aunties, gf/wife (if you manage to have one) lol why my name is lover bro..
other then that i dont really care for you, your another peon little homie..get the fuck outta here female

Sherav;80861 wrote:

Interesting collection but I admit that I do actually have a deep interest in all forms of tattooing incl those done in prisons.

As for the ink itself I took a good look and you have some standard options available to you;

The larger rose is not too bad actually and can be easily reworked with some fresh lining and colour would make them pop.

Same to be said for the angel just needs a reline and more work on facial features and either more shading or colour.

The maddona (woman in hooded top) this could easily be covered up by a fresh tattoo with bold colours.

The others would need a couple of hits with a laser or a serious amount of dark colour which can be attained in the Japanese sleeve but would not be cheap.

It really comes down to money and if there is no rush then save up and get some decent work put on your skin.

As for the other stuff there is a good point to be made we do not have the details of what the crime was or who if anybody was injured. I also don’t buy into the everybody is innocent and/or a saint. Casting the first stone and all that.

Is doing time something to be proud of? From my own experience no but we learn from shit and the fact is they o/p is trying to move on with their life.

Also the cobweb tattoo is about doing the time and what you learned from that experience not necessarily the crime committed. Many ex C’s (incl my father) I have interviewed keep theirs as a reminder so not to do the same shit again and end up back there.

That said the focus is on tattoos not how the person got them.

Take care

thnaks for the info bro, i took some of your advice and went with it..goodlookin man


well I went off to check a couple of shops, and they all said they could cover it, but with some research and some thinking i figured, id just rework it and went to my homie to fix it and this is what he did so far..let me know what u guys think



the rose added some red to it



Wow! Big difference, nice work.


Seriously repping that first one. Absolutely class man, such a massive change. At least you seem to have gone to a decent artist that has re-worked them well. And that rose looks really cool too man. ‘grats.


Much better but holy shit you had Tim Pangburn offering to do a cover up. Did you even check his website?

buttwheat;81091 wrote:
Much better but holy shit you had Tim Pangburn offering to do a cover up. Did you even check his website?

yeah hes deff a good artist and his work is amazing, but i dont got the money for it and im in cali im not tryna go to philly dude


Yeah looks pretty good. Just wondering, was your “homie” that did the work in a tattoo shop or at his house?