Who is Tiggy?

Tiggy is the boss lady for Briar Rose Tattoo which is a gorgeous Disney-esq palace in South-East London where your fairyland dreams can come true with the help of Tiggy or one of her girls. An artist who puts a rainbow of colour on to the visitors of her shop. Tiggy creates custom Disney and Pokemon pieces as well as many more cute-sy tattoos. So what are you waiting for? Step inside the magical land of Briar Rose Tattoos.

Who are you, where do you work and tell us a random fact about yourself?

I’m Tiggy, I work in South-East London at my beautiful little shop Briar Rose Tattoo, which is an all female super cosy, Disney palace of a shop. Hmm, a random fact, let’s go with, my first ever spoken word on this planet was ‘mouse’, as in Mickey Mouse because I was a Disnerd from birth. Thanks, Mum!

How long have you been a tattoo artist and how did you get into tattooing?

I’ve been a tattoo artist for almost 6 years now, I’ve had my own shop for 2 and a bit of that. I actually sort of fell into tattooing a bit. I used to work in the gaming industry but absolutely hated my office job passionately due to being horribly bullied by my lovely line manager. One day, I received a text from my friend who was getting tattooed by Kamil, my old boss, telling me that Kamil was interested in offering me an apprenticeship. I leapt at the chance, quit my office job and never looked back!

We are glad you were able to find something that makes you much happier in life. 

Do you have any pets (if so what are they?)

I do, I have two cat boy rescues, Atari and Cheif. Atari is a handsome tuxedo cat, and Cheif, his annoying little brother, is the fluffiest most brainless black cat. We taught Cheif to speak to us when we say ‘Hi Cheif’… but it now he never shuts up! It’s the best/worst!

Aaaahhh that’s so cute!


Weirdest thing you’ve been asked to tattoo? Did you do it? 

Actually, I don’t get many weird requests. I know that’s such a boring answer, sometimes I wish I did! I think this is due to the fact, I’ve never done any walk-in appointments. Both my first shop I did my apprenticeship at, and my own shop now are private and appointment only custom tattoo shops. I’ve been robbed of the experiences of tattooing weird things!

3 guests dead or alive who would you invite for dinner? 

Tobey Maguire. Andrew Garfield. Tom Holland. So we can chat about Spider-man all night.

Describe your tattoo style in 3 words. 

Colourful, bold and painterly.

Favourite tattoo that you have on you. 

My entire right arm which is a mixture of tattoos from Sebastian Nowacki and Sammie Jones

Which other artists would you recommend? 

I have so so many artists I watch and admire on Instagram. But I have to say all three of my ladies at my shop, Olive, Costanza and Adriana, and then my extended shop family, Sammie Jones, because they are all such wonderful people and you will have the best tattoo experience with them.

We love the love and support going on here!

Thanks for speaking to us Tiggy!

If you can find Tiggy on Instagram & her shop Briar Rose Tattoos on there too. 


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