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Introducing Jay Kenny who also is known as GhostImage_artwork on insta. The Stoke on Trent artist is based at Flawless tattoos and permanent makeup in Oakhill. Jay specialises in realism pieces with a creepy twist.

When you look at Jay’s Instagram page you will be greeted with a variety of dark and horror inspired pieces. They’re pretty sick. So when we interviewed Jay, we were excited to speak to him about his work and how he got into tattooing in the first place. Keep reading to find out more…

Your favourite tattoo you’ve ever done

It’s hard to choose a favourite tattoo that I have ever done as there are so many amazing clients letting me do my thing… but I would have to say the Edgar Allen Poe macabre portrait as that seems to stick in peoples heads the most, and if I could do portraits like that every day, that would be amazing!

Weirdest tattoo request- did you do it?

The strangest request for a tattoo was a ‘shit’ in a bottle, which was for a tattoo artist @Deaddark but I pussied out lol

Featured image Jay Kenny

How long have you been a tattoo artist and how did you get into tattooing?

I have been tattooing professionally for around 2 years, and got into tattooing because I have always drawn, and created art since I can remember; and wanted to offer my unique style and ideas, which I didn’t see much of at the time… (and still, don’t in this area at least!)

Plus artists didn’t seem bothered in making art- more about making money, which is sadly the case still, which paves the way for passionate artists.

3 tattoo artists everybody should be following

1. Jorge Beccera: his style is unique, and masterfully done. An absolutely stunning eye for detail!
2. Sam Barber: superb colour realism, and great compositions that work so well with the body.
3. And if I don’t mention Anrijs Straume and his incredible contrasts and dark art, then I’m not much of a horror tattooist…

But there are so many more I feel influenced by because I do a lot of styles at the moment, which confuses me (easily done)

Most painful inking?

The most painful tattoo I have is one I did on myself on my kneecap… that’s a bitch!

*Note to self, best avoid this area*

What about the least painful?

Least painful has to be the face.. not even a whimper haha.

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