Hey guys,

a friend of mine has a tattoo on his upper arm and wants it to be extended. It’s a tribal and the letters L and T are in it and now he wants the letter S to be added to the bottom, in the same manner, kind of hidden, same style and whatnot of course. He wouldn’t just want the letter to be put at the bottom, there would be a little more of the tribal and the S would be somewhere in there.

He’s been to one place and they said that it might be hard to add it seeing as each studio uses a different kind of black ink and the tattoo’s “finished” as of now.

Do you guys have any ideas? I’ll add a picture of it. This really is the entire tattoo, there’s nothing on the sides or anything.


Thanks in advance, I hope you guys can help! 🙂


Well, I agree. Due to the design of the tattoo, I think there’s no way to extend it without it looking like it was obviously extended.


Have your friend build a time machine and go back to when tribal was cool and before he got that then have him get a Taz tattoo instead.

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