Like the title says Im looking for more elbow tattoo ideas….. not the usually star or spiderweb but does anyone know of something else for the elbow? I was thinking a short quote around it or even a japanese symbol there……what do yous think? Thanks


yes please skip the star or web, kinda overdone,
I dont think most peoples skin would take a quote very well,
I have gods all seeing eye inside a rose on mine.


Does it take longer to heal on your elbow coz your bending and stretching it more?


Concentric tattoos, dot work tattoos and 3d smiles tattoos are more popular elbow designs tattoos. Most of artists prefer these designs. Soul Mates design has good character and symbols in Japanese language. You can also choose your name in Japanese symbols.


elbows are notoriously difficult to tattoo, there is not alot of meat there, some dont hold color well, bleed out ink badly, sometines depending on customer elbow it is better to try and do small sessions and do the job in small pieces to lessen trama……….elbow can also be a bitch to heal, may sweell, huge even, just gotta hang in there, once done a fully inked elbow looks great, I love mine

Im not into wussing out and doing dots, tattooing around elbow and all that stuff, I say ink the shit out of it

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