Hello, I’m 17 and was wondering what would be the best place to get a medium sized tattoo, I’m not sure about my arms, as I had gained fat on(when i was 13-15) them but have been working out trying to gain alot of muscle on my arms/torso, would my high back be a good place? It wont be the only time ill be getting a tattoo.
any help is appreciated.:cool:


hi, welcome to the forum, firstly placement choices will be different for everyone, its a personal choice and even when it just comes down to aesthetics different things will look better in different places.

secondly, at only 17 i would wait a few more years because your body and ideas will change a lot particularly over the next 5-10 years. im not saying you should wait 10 years but i would wait until you’re at least 20 because although its only 3 years they will make a huge difference to what you think looks good. I would wait it out and spend at least the next 3 years researching styles and artists and what you love and know the difference between and bad, average, good or awesome tattoo 🙂

Good luck in whatever you decide xx


Arm’s are a good place but you would need to take at least 2weeks of the weights if you did i would say your back if your not planning major coverage in the future.


arms and legs man! I wouldnt waste your back just yet, you should save it for something bigg!


Go for the arm. Building muscle mass is liking watching grass grow; just ask any bodybuilder (those who are juicing excluded of course). Even if your arm is considerably bigger in 10 years, it will happen so gradually that probably it won’t affect the tattoo too much.

Also, recommendations vary in terms of how long you should avoid lifting or heavy workouts after getting inked. Personally, I only wait about 3 days while the tat is in that open wound stage b/c the gym is essentially one giant petri dish.


Personally I think the best place for a 17 year old to get a tattoo is a strangers bedroom.

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